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So lovely, love this redo, however while beautiful and hip, it seems photo ready yet not real-use ready, could be more ergonomically thought out in entirety to be more useful. Next phase might be a taller coffee table that bench sitters could really reach, those poufs are quite low, maybe add one more to the stack for more flexibility. Back pads for the bench seating would also be more realistic for comfort, not just throw pillows which can get tossed aside or can be fussy/messy. Yes, I know these are just photos and the space will evolve. Its very pretty as a start!

Before & After: Backyard Patio with DIY Built-In Benches Smitten Studio
6/19/14 05:33 PM

I used to be the queen of yard sales in the Midwest, had many, made good money. In Los Angeles it is a totally different story. In Minneapolis, a sale can go all day and people buy everything, they haggle a bit but are normal people. In LA, shoppers are all Latino families for housewares or crazy people for clothes and if you live on the Westside, no one comes at all, people think they are too good to shop at yard sales unless you have some really great furniture and that will sell. On the Eastside (Hollywood/Los Feliz/Silberlake) morning turn-out is good. I never sell to early birds but they will come up and start digging thru bags when you are setting up and make a mess, you have to tell them to knock it off, and they are crazy people, not families. Don't bother selling clothes unless they are less than $5, you can sell denim and current clothes to good resale shops here or even Ebay or friends and make more on clothes than at a yard sale in LA, sorry no I don't sell clothes for less than $1. Watch out for vintage people, they seem to think everyone is an idiot and don't pay well, they drive by, yelling "do you have any real silver?!", I usually do, so get out of the car, and no you can't have it for $1. Sale is over by noon or 1pm because people stop showing up then, take the rest to Goodwill, day is done. Can't really deal with crazy after lunchtime anyway. Its intense and strange. I have stopped having sales and give everything away these days.

How To Sell Your Stuff: Tips For A Super Successful Yard Sale
7/18/13 06:53 PM

Great job, huge improvement. I would paint that floor edging white to match the baseboards too, just a suggestion to polish it off. Love the gallery wall of mixed art pieces.

Before & After: Blank Slate Hallway
7/8/13 07:46 PM

I love mine in the original light wood, but maybe I will gold leaf the top and varnish it for some shimmer in the bedroom! I use it for a little seat when putting on heels or getting into the top storage of my closet. Had it for years, and still looks brand new. This one has had an easy life!

Find the Furniture: The IKEA Bekvam Stool
6/26/13 05:38 PM

Oh, yes, its the same lights posted above, I didn't see that. :) These are great, I put them in all my kitchens too (I rent, but leave them behind.) http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50119351/

10 Affordable & Easy Ways to Add Lighting to a Closet Without Wiring
6/13/13 04:04 AM

I have 2 of the Wireless Motion Sensor Light - 10 Super-Bright LED - $6.57 in my large closet. They don't offer much light, nor does the motion sensor work correctly. One of them just stays on all the time, the other one only works half the time. I ended up buying an extra Ikea under cabinet light with a plug and sticking it in the closet, though I luckily have a plug nearby, though I will have to look at it or put a chair in front of that wall. Its bright, great light, and comes ready to be attached to any wall or ceiling. Long cord too. Good lighting is so important!

10 Affordable & Easy Ways to Add Lighting to a Closet Without Wiring
6/13/13 04:00 AM

Its my dream to find someone to cohabitate with who also has similar tastes. The last guy I lived with wouldn't let me do anything with the apartment, I had to ask for permission to paint the white (dirty scuffed) walls to white again so the place wouldn't look like a dude lived there for 10 years (which was true), and I had to paint it myself without any help. I wasn't allowed to rearrange the furniture or get rid of anything of his, or make any upgrades to any of the old stuff like the dirty wooded bathroom window blinds and brown wooden toilet seat he found in the dumpster. He loved old crap. I love new, mid-century modern, and some antique/industrial, like the photos above. The best part was that he refused to get a real mattress, we had to sleep on a futon. I threw away a perfectly good, 2 yr mattress. Yeah, we aren't together anymore, though stupidly I actually tried twice to date him but he's a clueless, controlling mess, and I wasn't allowed to live any of my dreams, especially my interior design dreams. So sad that is how some people think that's a nice way to treat someone.

Moving In Together: Style Brainstorming
6/8/13 12:45 AM

This store has been out of business and gone for over a year. Please update the "venice" section of the Marketplace site here, about 40% of the businesses in Venice, CA listed here are no longer in business or have moved. There are also quite a few new ones that are not here.

Loja Designs
9/8/10 04:01 AM