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Terro Borax, Terro Borax, Terro Borax! It's a $3 box and it WILL work. I had a serious ant problem much like yours, and I bought the liquid borax Terro kind. You squirt out small globs onto the little square cardboard pieces in the kit, and place them along the trail(s) of the ants (if you have more than one trail going around, buy 2 or 3 boxes and use everything). It might take a few hours before they start going after it but they will, and then they will keep eating it as long as you refill the liquid globs every day. I noticed only a couple ants remained after one week, and then none after 1 1/2 weeks. That was 3 months ago, and all summer long they have not returned. Not one. I feel like I should charge my landlord for my terminator services. Good luck!

High Hopes of Eradicating Ant Problem
9/13/10 07:49 PM

Seriously. The bed linens, and the embroidered peacock(?) pillow. Tell us please.

How To Turn a Vintage Bed from Drab to Fab!
9/7/10 08:58 PM