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surfsup1977: You are not alone!

Film Petit: Costume Inspiration from the Cinema
10/4/12 05:35 PM

Beautiful! We are in contract on a very similar house (built in 1938) and I'm curious if your curtain rods are hung ON the window mouldings, or just above? Thanks!

Grant & Mark Transform a Neglected House House Tour
9/21/12 06:04 PM

Agree on Birkenstock for needed arch support. My slippers are suede clog-type Birkenstocks, plus wool socks if it's cold.

8 Hot Houseshoes for Him
9/17/12 04:22 PM

I'm interested in learning more about Mary Cordaro's mattresses/bedding but can't find any info on her website. Where can you see/buy them?

Isabelle's Greenest House in Venice House Tour
9/7/12 01:14 PM

This is so cool. Roberto, what's the reason for the beds being narrower than regular twin size? Couldn't the whole thing just be a little taller to accommodate standard size mattresses?

Double Murphy Bunk Bed by Casa Kids
8/22/12 06:07 PM

When my 4-year-old asked for a BBQ for Hannukah last year, I got a black enameled colander with legs and found a perforated pie dish that fits on top. It looks like our little Weber Smokey Joe, and she has spent many, many hours grilling her Ikea vegetables. I just now remembered that I never made my planned felt briquets to put inside. That would've been cute but she doesn't care. Best gift of the year! Plus she uses the colander and pie dish for all kinds of other creative play. Keep it simple and your kid will love it anyway.

DIY Play Grill Kate's Creative Space
8/13/12 03:06 PM

Don't mattresses need some air coming in from the bottom for moisture to get out?

Do You Use Bunky Boards?
7/31/12 05:12 PM

What's with the bowl of peanuts on the bed? But you do have some amazing skills.

From Junk To Funk In Donna's Handmade Home
House Tour

7/16/12 06:25 PM

oh and the house is great

Robert & Hannah's 'Casa Eclectic' House Tour
7/13/12 07:09 PM

Except isn't Beverly Hills Post Office as upscale as Beverly Hills?

Robert & Hannah's 'Casa Eclectic' House Tour
7/13/12 07:06 PM

Hello, this stuff is toxic to humans, animals, and the planet.
I am extremely sensitive to scented anything (I get headaches, stuffy nose, and a burning feeling on my skin), but I am only the canary in the coal mine.
(Also, bring on the hateful responses. I am used to it. But your perfume and scented dryer sheets are polluting the environment and making me sick. And for what big gain, really?)

Confession: I'm Obsessed with
Yankee Candles

7/2/12 04:33 PM

If you put the TV along the wall to left of fireplace, is there room for a sofa facing it? You would see the back of the sofa upon exiting the elevator. Then the space in front of fireplace could be another sitting/play area. Just get a smaller sofa/settee for that area do some small movable tables instead of a large coffee table. We had the space in front of our sofa empty when our twins were babies, then added a coffee/art/play table when they got a bit older.

Arrangement for TV, Play Area, Office in Harlem Home? Good Questions
4/23/12 03:43 PM

Would it be acceptable to do the tipi but without the Native American decorations?

How To Make a Backyard Teepee in an Afternoon Ziggity Zoom
4/23/12 03:24 PM

I went back to check out the full house tour again--still love this place. Is it a problem showering without a curtain? Also, I grew up in Highland Park (S. Ave. 60, between the freeway and the gas station) and I'm curious: Are your kids going to the local school? (No judgement either way, just curious! We are trying to buy a house in the Bay Area and struggling with trade-offs of neighborhood vs house.)

Before & After: A Trendy Bathroom Redo Life Unstyled
4/18/12 05:15 PM

So which latex mattress did you choose?

The Case for Buying a Latex Mattress
3/30/12 05:06 PM

I would also like the chicken recipe. Thanks!

The New Baby Taco Box
3/23/12 05:43 PM

Just looked at this again because it's stuck in my mind. So lovely! One of my favorite things is the desk in the to picture--that angle makes it fit right in that space. Is it a custom piece of a vintage find?

Charley & Jessica's "Patina Clean" House Tour
3/19/12 05:14 PM

Did Charley build the twin bed in the first kid's room? If not I would love to get the source.

Charley & Jessica's "Patina Clean" House Tour
3/15/12 03:50 PM

Get a baby gate for the toddler's door. Don't become those parents who end up with an 8-year-old in your bed at a certain point every night!

How To Make Queen Bed More Sofa-Like? Good Questions
3/13/12 05:46 PM

Austinisticalist: What brand of recycled glass counters?

All About: Synthetic Solid Surface Countertops
Countertop Spotlight

3/9/12 06:07 PM