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If you look at the website posted by seriously, you'll se the requirments to paint address numbers in los angeles.

Proof of $100,000 dallor insurance policy.

A $500 deposit for surity to be made to the city.

The permit to encroch is $200.

The tax registration is $100.

The background check is another $25

Then you are allowed to paint the numbers. So when we ask for $20 it's not just a number out of thin air. Besides $20 dallors was the price ten years before the economy fellout in 2007. I personally know that during that ten years the price of paint supplies has gone up steadily while people complained about the $20 that hasn't gone up for 15 years. In the last three of wich everything has tripples in price.

And furthermore the same home owners that complain about $20 are the same ones that complain about how expensive paint is for when they paint their house. Well do you think we curb painters ar exempt from that expence?

Neighborhood Watch: Curb Scam
5/12/12 05:11 AM