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It's been years since this good question was answered and here's another solution. I had a similar question for hanging a heavy mirror on the hard plaster wall of my NYC apartment and went to Home Depot looking for the right type/size drill bit, anchors, screws, hooks, etc. They now carry hardened steel nails that "will not damage your walls" as they are a very small diameter. They also come in packages with hardware for hanging things, plus they're rated for 20 lbs, 30 lbs, 50 lbs.

Good Questions: How Do I Deal With Plaster Walls?
11/22/11 05:06 PM

Thanks for the DIY info and posting all the photos. I'm actually about to get rid of a large, misplaced track light in my studio apt. and rethink the lighting. Thanks to all about what to consider.

On another subject, I see you have a mini-split AC above the door. Can you tell me which brand it is and who installed it? I'm in NYC, too. I'm in my planning and info gathering stage to redo the AC in my co-op studio and am wondering if I should also brick up or leave the sleeve when I remove the old below window wall-thru AC. Maybe I should send this question to "Good Questions"?

How To Install Track Lighting & Improve Your Kitchen
2/1/11 03:26 PM

Please keep an eye out for when hormone/antibiotic-free poultry and meat are on sale.

10 Things To Buy In The Next 60 Days To Save You Money
11/18/10 01:58 PM

Last Christmas, I removed 30+ yr. old wallpaper from my parents' kitchen. First I tried moistening it with the fabric softener/water solution and didn't get anywhere. I looked into renting a professional steamer but in the end bought a little wallpaper steamer from Home Depot, under $50. It worked wonders! It does drip water and doesn't have little attachments for nooks and crannies, but it's a good investment if you're going to do more than 1 room or spend more than a day with a rental. And do get the rolling scoring thingie! It's so much easier to score and perforate the wallpaper with it than with a knife.

Great Ways To Remove Wallpaper
10/15/10 12:44 PM

Will there be a Part 3 for this Worm Factory test lab? I'm curious to know what you'll do to keep the worms to survive the winter living in each unit.
Is anyone aware of a worm composting tray unit that sits directly on the ground so that the worms can bury deeper underground in the winter to protect themselves against freezing? Can you take either of these units off their legs and the leachate tea collection tray so the worms can travel between the ground and the food above?
I so want to buy one of these and incorporate it into my patio design and not have to bring the unit indoors for the winter since my apt is less than 400 sf.

Worm Factory vs. VermiHut Composters: Part 2
Test Lab

9/6/10 12:20 PM