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- to spread shoe polish
- As paint brushes for small kids
- Cat hair removal from couches and rugs

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How To: Reuse a Toothbrush Instead of Throwing it Away
3/16/09 10:08 AM

I do not understand american citizens. How do you wash yourself after peeing or nr 2? you do not use a bidet? do you shower everytime or do you remain dirty?

In the southern part of Europe we wash ourselves ( so the bidet is mandatory). It is also very good for the kids- they are able to wash face and hands without help. And for feet.... and to bath the cat... and after sex....

You do not know what you are missing!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Hot or Not? Bidet, Yay or Nay?
2/25/09 01:07 PM

Use glass bricks to fill the space.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: What to Do with a Psuedo-Window?
2/21/08 01:18 AM

Mercury is highly toxic. Do not touch it and never vacuum or dispose Mercury in normal trash or sewage pipes.

To pick the mercury from the floor use a sheet of paper ( it may help if you bend the sheet in a U shape). Use it to "push" and assemble all the spilled drops in one large single drop.
Then pick an empty glass jar (small mayo or jam jar will do), put the jar opening near the mercury and push the mercury inside using the sheet of paper. Close the jar lid. Trash the sheet of paper you used and wash your hands carefully.

For disposal of the "traped in the jar" mercury contact any shop in your area selling prescription drugs (pharmacy or similar) they know how to deal with it.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: How Do You Clean Up Mercury?
12/6/07 01:13 AM