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Sorry, I'll get the Blu-Ray. There's no way I'm going to sit in a movie theater with a bunch of screaming kids.

Apartment Therapy New York | Harry Potter Tonight: Check Out the Interior Design!
7/16/09 02:12 PM

Cute, small and vertical. I love how you use every bit of space for storage, etc. The Michigan blue on the walls is a nice touch considering you live in Ann Arbor!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #18: Lacey's Comfortingly Eclectic
4/21/08 07:30 AM

Huh? There's mid-century with very modern mixed in from the pendant lamp over the breakfast (well dining) room table to the inexpensive MALM bed from IKEA. Some of it is cliche' as if it's from a magazine. There's always the classic piece (the Eames chair), some kitsch, a wow piece (the lamp) and a few inexpensive items from IKEA, West Elm, Chiasso, etc. to show that you don't have to have expensive EVERYTHING to make a place look fab.

Kudos to the owner of the place. It's nicely furnished and arranged!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #15: Corey Bern's Mid-Century One Bedroom
4/20/08 07:08 AM

I like the kitchen--that tiny fridge would drive me nuts. I still like it. What is up with the canopy bed though?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #11: John's Mission Melange
4/17/08 06:38 AM

The bathroom needs work. It doesn't match the rest of the house at all.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #2: Erin Danny's Little Slice of the City
4/10/08 06:44 AM

People who think wood paneling should be painted watch too much HGTV. There's nothing wrong with wood paneling, as it's warm. Plus, it will probably be back in style in another 10-20 years.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #8: The White Lodge
4/10/08 06:40 AM

The 6 drawer unit is easy as pie to put together. I brought one back from the Houston IKEA (before the one in Austin opened) a few years ago in a rented SUV. I put it together in a few hours. It still works. As with all IKEA bedroom furniture, the drawer bottoms are flimsy. They can't support too much weight--change, videos, etc. tend to flex it too much. I still firmly recommend this unit.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Is IKEA's Malm 6 Dresser Hard to Assemble?
1/31/08 05:02 AM

Did someone from Brocade Home start working at Crate and Barrel?

Mimi Antiqued Mirrored Chest
8/8/07 07:30 AM

Pest control?

How on earth does one keep pests out with this sort of floor?

Mud Floors?
5/10/07 02:01 PM

Most of those in the pics above could go right into the pages of Brocade's catalog. LOL!

iPod Decals
5/2/07 09:51 PM

You can get the same grill brand new @ Target for $35.

I'm not sure about NYC. However, you can find that grill new at many places (Barbeques Galore, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.) for less than $40. Then, you don't have to worry about cleaning someone else's gunk off the grate.

That grill is great for apartments without a vicious firecode. The city of Austin won't let people use grills on their balconies. I have one. I've grilled countless birds, fish, pork, lamb, beef and veggies on it!

NYC Scavenger: Portable Grill for $20
5/2/07 09:45 PM

It looks too much like a furniture store or a page ripped out of a furniture magazine. Where's the quirky personal stuff?

#21 James's Chic Studio
5/2/07 09:16 PM

I'm a single guy. It's quite easy even for the busiest schedule. Cook everything for the week on Sunday!

If money is less of an object, one can buy single portions of various sizes from the butcher counter at Whole Foods, Draeger's, Central Market or higher end grocers. If one is on a budget, he or she can buy the cellophane packs of meat, divide up the portions to cook for the week, then freeze the rest. Vegetables are even easier. Cut and chop into single servings, steam (or boil), season and pack. Dairy is a no brainer. Single servings of yogurt, cheese, milk, etc. are readily available.

Those Glad and Ziploc containers are cheap and readily available eveywhere! It's not cheaper than eating out for fast food, but it tastes way better!

Survey: Cooking for One
4/25/07 09:02 AM


The others are nice but rarely make sense outside of a high-end home.

Good Question: Affordable Kitchen Rail System?
4/25/07 08:57 AM

I have two birch effect ones that I'm not using. (Those don't attach to the bed flush on carpet.) That's an interesting backdrop that I may consider when mounting my LCD in my master.

The Malmese Twins
4/24/07 02:09 PM

The kitchen doesn't work since the fridge is too far from the sink! It looks good in photos. However, I can tell that kitchen isn't used much. The fridge should be on the side near the sink then the dishwasher then the stove. Nuh-unh...

#8 Davy's Studio of Internet Finds
4/21/07 06:34 AM

Mine warped too. I kept it near the sink. I guess if I kept it drier i wouldn't have been an issue. However, it was cheap (at the time).

Lamplig Chopping Board by Ikea
4/14/07 02:22 PM

I have a queen birch MALM with an Novaform memory foam mattress from Costco. My bed has seen plenty of action over the last two years often with ladies that aren't very err... small. It's fine. No squeaking. I also have a few other things in the MALM line. I have the six drawer desser, the occasional table, two nightstands (four if you count the bedsidetables with the built in magazine racks that I removed) and the little storage unit/nightstand with a sliding top.

Good Questions: Opinion of MALM Bed?
4/9/07 03:18 PM