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Love it! Those tiles could have been difficult to work with, but you pulled it off brilliantly! Also, I have a chair really similar to your zebra one but still with it's original upholstry, can't decide whether or how to recover it (I'm in Italy too).

Fiammetta's "Suzani Reloaded" Room
11/12/11 04:18 PM

I have had one of these for about a year, I got it in the reduced section so presumably it was a display model. I was pleased as it had no scratches or anything, and still looks good after a year. It seems pretty sturdy to me, no wobbliness or anything, and is actually larger than some other Ikea chairs we have.

Help Finding Similar Sturdy Chairs ?
Good Questions

1/14/11 03:07 PM

Well done for sorting out your stuff but I would've kept the doors. However neatly arranged the inside of a closet is still the inside of a closet.
This is probably the voice of bitter experience, we have a wall of open shelving in the living room which I often wish we'd done differently.

Before & After: An Open, Reorganized Closet
1/5/11 04:59 PM

I prefered the before ;-)
Nah, just kidding! It is spectacular. Really like the open shelving.
Nice to see the results after a good question.

Before & After: Melissa's Under $500 Kitchen Makeover
Good Questions Revisited

11/10/10 04:18 PM

You can also find baskets similar to these in Italy, notably in Sardinia.
Bethundra I hung my kuba cloth pieces by folding them over a bamboo cane (from garden suppliers) and sewing closed, not all the way along but at just enough points to hold it all together. The cloth is quite robust so is not damaged this way. Then I just tied sme string to the ends of the bamboo and hung it up.
I like this way of displaying textiles as I think they look a bit sterile under glass (not to mention the cost involved).

Winnowing Baskets
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9/4/10 05:03 PM