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Looking at all those plates and breakable canisters above the stove makes me incredibly nervous. They're going to fall all over the place the next time even a small earthquake rumbles by, especially when you're on an upper floor of a building. I'd recommend adding a little, protective wooden lip or bar across the lower couple inches of those shelves to hold things in place.

Annette's View of the City Small Cool Contest
5/25/13 09:16 AM

Don't forget the vodka. That's New York style!

A Genius Tip for Quick, Easy Lemonade
5/22/13 05:27 PM

I like that they managed to make the light green bathroom colors work rather than fighting against them.

Joan & Matt's Joyously Eclectic Home House Tour
4/4/13 12:34 AM

Haha. Love how the cats have taken over the corner chair.

Jenn's Soothing Elements Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/24/13 11:31 AM

Oh, I wish you'd take a close-up of the little kid's kitchen set in the dining room. It's so cute!!

Scott's Testing Lab House Tour
3/20/13 01:05 PM

I give Madonna props for sticking around for 25 years. You can't say that about many musicians.

Getting a bit off-topic, but Madonna was at Madison Square Garden just last week and Psy (Gangnam Style-guy) showed up. There's a great, fun clip that's been circulating since then. Psy shows up at the 1:40 mark.

Madonna Lists Central Park West Penthouse Design News 11.21.12
11/21/12 01:22 PM

That space looks a little tight with the closet door and stairs nearby. Have you considered buying/building a temporary winter vestibule like restaurants use? If you buy it in red, it can blend in with holiday decorations.

Here are some examples:

Ideas for Hanging Curtain to Insulate
Front Door? Good Questions

11/21/12 12:59 PM

Great space. Did you have help with decorating, shopping, painting, etc.? I've decided that I would like to hire someone to help me with my small space. I could use some suggestions.

Paul's Perfectly Suited Studio
House Tour

2/26/11 01:19 PM

Cute! I like the entry mirror the best.

5 Creative Reuses for a Paneled Door
1/12/11 11:02 AM

It looks great. But I noticed that the white walls seem very empty. There are a lot of pictures sitting on shelves and furniture. Hang them up!

Liz's Well-Edited Half of a Durham Duplex
House Tour

1/12/11 12:31 AM

These are great. I found another one that I like on CafePress.

Ten Terrific Letterpress Calendars
12/12/10 01:08 PM

Find a loving home for them.

Tips for Keeping Stray Cats Away?
10/9/10 01:03 PM

I hate, hate, hate having to reload the whole page to load another image. Get a decent slideshow player.

Before & After: Chi's Childhood Room
Professional Project

9/4/10 03:47 AM