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Can someone shed light on what a stick of butter is?
Australians buy butter in 200-250 gram or 1/2 kg/500gm blocks...
So, am I correct in thinking it's a 250 gm BLOCK of butter?

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12/20/13 01:30 AM

As a fellow Melbournian, I feel yr pain!
Invest in a portable air conditioner and some blockout curtains for the worst rooms.
Hopefully this heat wave has broken for a bit...we could all use some sleep!

How Do I Keep My Apartment from Becoming a Sauna? Good Questions
3/13/13 07:26 AM

I can't believe your real estate prices in the U.S!
That property in Australia (Melbourne) would be between $1-2Million, easy!

The Answer to Your Housing Prayers? Converted Church for Sale
11/27/10 06:19 PM

I can't enter the competitions, because I am not a US resident. Boo!

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11/27/10 06:14 PM

Lowepro has some decent camera bags.
Just bought the Pro Runner 200 AW backpack.

What's a Good Camera and Laptop Bag?
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9/22/10 10:27 PM

I have been a lurker on AT forever, and never signed up to comment before!
(this post was the reason to)

I would NEVER EVER get rid of my vinyl! CD's yes, comics/magazines definitely...
And if you did decide to sell some of the vinyl, then you could have used the $ to invest in good storage/shelving for the rest of the collection.

I know a lot of music is available digitally these days, but it's not the same!

Regrets, I've Had a Few: Getting Rid of a Collection
9/3/10 07:31 PM