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I love these scavenger posts, but the items highlighted sure are pricey! Sorry, but "scavenger" and a $2700 couch don't seem to mix, I don't care how much the couch would cost new.

DWR Table and Chairs - $775
San Francisco Scavenger

11/18/10 01:54 PM

Hello, curvy white sofa, I love you, won't you tell me your name?

Inspiration: Opulent Olive Green
10/26/10 04:09 PM

I have tried all those methods (well, except the torture others, yikes!) and I do manage to go back to sleep, even if I have to get up to turn off the alarm, and the sun streaming through the windows makes no difference. If I set the alarm later, I don't trust myself to be conscious enough to know I have to get up.

I use at least two separate alarms on my cell phone (in case I turn one off and go back to sleep on accident.) The snooze process gives me time to become coherent enough (usually) to be able to have any control over the decision to get out of bed. Sometimes I'm so tired, I incorporate the alarm and hitting snooze into my dreams and have no idea what's going on for a long time!

Tell us Your Snooze Style (and Learn How to Change It!)
10/11/10 01:48 PM

That vintage 3-bulb lamp is jaw-dropping. Really lovely house tour, thanks for sharing it!

Mae & BJ's Pretty Chic Pet-Friendly Pad
House Tour

9/12/10 11:59 PM

HELLO! This is the most fabulous ever.

Warm Welcome With Wild Flowers by Anastasia Faiella
9/9/10 06:23 PM

I love leopard print. I've had a leopard print stool and some zebra throw pillows that have both effortlessly fit into several living rooms I've moved in and out of over the years. I'm actually kind of bummed leopard print is becoming such a trend, it used to be something quirky and fun and totally "me."

I think it's fun and glam mixed with white leather and pops of (pick one) red or orange or turquoise or purple. It's fabulous if you have the panache to pull it off ;)

Will the Leopard Print Craze Follow You into Your Home?
9/9/10 04:50 PM

I am just seeing this post for the first time, and I am completely in love with that sofa. Man is it ever beautiful. Wow. I think I need one in white leather desperately!

Small Cool 2009: Bingo's Corner Apartment
Small Division #07

9/8/10 02:24 PM

I love all of these so much, it's completely right up my alley! Especially the Aerin Lauder and the Gary Spain examples.

Sidenote: Does anyone know anything about that big curvy chair to the left of the Gary Spain image? I'm loving it.

Fun & Feminine Home Offices
9/3/10 06:08 PM