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I LOVE your tile! If you do decide to get rid of the wall sconces (I think they are awesome and handy) someone else will snap them up in a heart beat.

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10/20/13 05:22 PM

I love that wall paper!!!

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10/14/13 11:45 PM

Buy a vintage wardrobe. You can paint it a bright colour or, if it is nice, leave it as is.

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8/22/13 12:22 PM

I'd go with a creamy yellow and then paint the fire place a pale green that is similar to the grey-green background in the wall paper.

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7/25/13 10:57 PM

I've successfully removed rust from chrome with S.O.S. pads (steel wool with some sort of magic soap in it), you just have to be very gentle. If the rust goes all the way through the metal you could remove or replace the legs. Sinks like that were generally made with legs that were purely decorative, but if you toss the legs you'll end up with marks on the floor where the legs used to be, so I'd try to find replacements at a salvage store. Good luck!

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7/13/13 12:56 AM

Nothing new to add, but those tiles are amazing! Good luck.

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7/11/13 09:16 PM

I love the chairs, but don't think they go with the table. I'd pass on them and let someone who wants them as they are take them. It would be a shame to paint the chairs as they are so beautiful right now.

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9/3/10 02:22 PM

Have you considered a Murphy bed? They are just as comfortable as a regular bed but you won't have a big bed taking up all sorts of space. I'd put one against the wall with the window if there is enough space.

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9/3/10 02:16 PM