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Vermont? :-(

United States of Design Road Trips: The Northeast
7/11/11 03:10 PM

The artists who did Vermont live in Oregon? Looking at the result, I wonder how much time they've actually spent in Vermont. BLAH.

Fifty and Fifty: The State Mottos
7/9/11 08:17 AM

I just bought a Miele Neptune and I LOVE it! We have 2 cats. Our floors are wood with a few low pile area rugs, and wood stairs. The canister is light, easy to maneuver. And this baby SUCKS! In a totally positive way, of course...

Recommend A Quality Canister Vacuum?
Good Questions

4/13/11 06:49 PM

We once sold a house on the strength of the mural I had painted in the bedroom. The buyers loved it!

Should I Paint Over a Mural As We Show Our House To Potential Buyers?
Good Questions

3/30/11 07:26 PM

I love the Flylady! I've been following her on and off for 5 years now. I've never been much of a housekeeper. She gave me ways to keep the "shoulds" at bay. The emails start to drive me crazy, so I turn them off. When I start to stray too far from my routines, I turn them back on to give me a jump start.

Fly Lady: Love It or Hate It?
9/27/10 05:26 PM