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I like lounging on the floor occasionally, and using my very low coffee table for occasional meal...
However, I feel a need to have a very comfy and soft carpet, and cushions... Cushions on bare wood floor seem kind of hard?

Lounging on the Floor

9/3/10 08:38 AM

Comment for msbetsy...

I think sometimes a smaller space can make you happier... Maybe it is not about square footage, but how well organized the space is...
Smaller space is easier to clean and maintain, if you don't have too much stuff...

And maybe it is not about the space really - but organization... My previous apartment was half the size of my current one, but super well organized. Every detail was well thought out. My new place is a vintage old building where everything is spacious, but poorly organized. Even though I have twice as much space now, it doesn't really feel like it...

Life in 140 Square Feet
Natural Home

9/3/10 07:48 AM

:D @ sdrouble

Family of Three, 380 Square Feet
Los Angeles Times

9/3/10 07:24 AM

I am amazed how well designed is this space.
Kitty, you rock. It seems like that there was not one inch of the apartment that wasn't thought out. I can't believe how spacious and serene it feels.
I LOVE the bathroom. It is so bright and cheerful. When I saw it, my thought was: finally, a pretty bathroom and something different than those generic old bathrooms I am so used to seeing... I love the tile, it is gorgeous, I love it that you managed to squeeze in few decorative items and not make it look cluttered... Wow!

The place is small, but I can see myself enjoying a space like this... Reading a book by the window, working in the office, eating breakfast on the kitchen bar or entertaining friends over...

I love your idea for the pants rack in the closet. You just encouraged me to organize mine now...

Regarding comments about sink and general nastiness on AT: surely, we all don't share the same tastes, but is there really a need to be so rude about it. Wow... I mean, I do appreciate some vintage finds, if they suit ME, but seriously people, not every piece of 100 yr old bathroom fixture that is falling apart is worth worshiping... From experience ;)

Kittie's Tiny Tudor City Triumph
House Tour

9/3/10 07:07 AM