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Uh, yeah, what she said. You have an incredible space, excellent basics, and great ideas for the finishing touches!

Decorating Advice for First Studio?
Good Questions

10/22/10 08:32 AM

If the items shown are typical of what you need to store, my suggestion would be to purge purge purge until you can store everything elsewhere...and ditch the shelves altogether.

Kitchen Pantry Shelving Suggestions?
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10/19/10 09:31 AM

Rubber rats and mice. I insist on quality and have even trimmed the excess rubber from the seams when needed!
At the request of my husband, I finally moved them from the front hall windowsill to the curio cabinet. Oh well, at least they stay dust-free!

What's the Weirdest Thing You Collect?
9/2/10 08:26 PM