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Great question. So great in fact that it inspired me to write a blog post to answer it. Long story short, my teenage bedroom set that my mom let me choose and bought with a windfall tax refund still works for me today.

What Home Item Have You Had the Longest? (And What Is Its Story?)
5/4/14 12:31 PM

I'm with Gforce. I always read AT via Feedly on my ipad mini in portrait layout and was just fine with how it looked previously. Now, the ads column is equally sized with the post column and as a result the font size of posts is now smaller and harder to read. It's a major bummer for me.

Apartment Therapy Goes Mobile!
2/24/14 07:39 PM

Love it, and I'd love to see a full tour. Is this a clintonville house by chance?

Erin's \"Happy to be Home\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/25/13 08:03 PM

Lovely! Your kitty totally makes this room, what a cutie! I have a soft spot for peach bedrooms as my childhood bedroom was peach.

Terri's \"Powdered Peach\" Room Room For Color Contest
9/4/13 01:39 PM

Lovely home. I adore the sink in the first bathroom, the boys bath. Can you tell me more about it?

Tracey & Rob's Beach Oasis House Tour
7/4/13 03:27 PM

Lovely and definitely one of my faves from the contest. I am amazed that a family of five lives in 665 sq ft, but think your fiscal management is spot on and very smart. Kudos all around.

Carmella's Solitude & Shelter Small Cool Contest
5/26/13 07:10 PM

Lovely! Where is the bathroom sink from?

Heather & Katherine's Meant-to-Be Remodel House Tour
8/8/12 07:44 PM

We'll I would prefer to live where it's 80F or less all summer, but since that's not my reality, I'm an AC girl all the way. I keep it on and at 76F unless the outside air temp falls lower than that.

On, Off or In Between? Air Conditioning
7/2/12 05:20 PM

So girly and fun, I love it! I especially love that you kept the vintage character.

Before & After: "Audree" Gets a Makeover The Fancy Farmgirl
6/29/12 02:32 PM

I love your home! I would move right in and not change a thing!! And the pic with Mr. Russian Blue kitty? So cute.

Anne & Tahoe's Barnum Bungalow House Tour
6/28/12 11:48 AM

I love, love your new kitchen! It's FAB!

Before & After: Ashley & Greg's Kitchen Remodel
7th House on the Left

5/21/12 01:18 PM

I agree with the other posts regarding decluttering and saving your money for the reno.

That said, I think you're cabinets would look amazing in a medium grey, but painting cabinets is a heck of a lot of work just to tide you over for a year.

Short Term Updates for Kitchen Being Reno-ed Next Year? Good Questions
5/14/12 11:10 AM

Looks very cute, I'd love to see the full tour, especially the kitchen!

Cara's Perfect Starter Home Bungalow House Call
5/11/12 07:26 PM

You kitty sure knows how to strike a pose!

Kristen's Fit Everything In Small Cool Contest
4/25/12 06:53 PM

Nice job, I especially love how your kitty coordinates perfectly with your bedding! Hope we get to see more.

Cristina & James' Every Square Inch Small Cool Contest
4/17/12 07:50 PM

Love it! Your home has great bones and your decorating touches only enhance them. I want to see more!!

Emily's Underdog Story Small Cool Contest
4/16/12 07:44 PM

Love all the personality that is packed into this small home!

Sara's Meaningful Pieces Small Cool Contest
4/9/12 04:40 PM

Love it and a beautiful kitty is the perfect finishing touch. :-)

Ly's 66 Square Feet in Philly My Great Outdoors
4/4/12 12:08 PM

Love it, definitely my fave so far. This is the only living room with a bike hanging in it I've ever seen that I'd love to live in. And I agree, it definitely looks more spacious than 400sq ft. Kudos!

JoAnn's Truly Happy Home Small Cool Contest
4/3/12 07:04 PM

I say timeless, but I'm biased. There are a heck of a lot of pastel colors in my house. Seven years later I still love them and find them soothing.

A Pastel Palette: Trendy or Timeless?
4/2/12 07:30 PM