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Gee whiz - thanks guys. Whew, here goes:

The shelves were here when I moved in. I was eager to remove them as a matter of fact, because I felt they "squished" the space, but then when my antiqued wooden bookshelf wouldn't fit...well, what's a girl to do but work with what's given? My guess would be IKEA. The hardware has that distinct look of an afternoon's headache involving an allen wrench.

The headboard is from Crate & Barrel, of all places - floor sample, I believe. My first purchase after paying off my student loans with acting work :}

And finally - you too would cover your windows with curtains if your house bordered on slight ghetto and your Cannondale bike was stolen days after moving in. Plus the bars are just too, too depressing.

Oh - one last bit - I got the pillows from Inheritance on Beverly Blvd - great folks:


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