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@joandoesnyc - i try to remind myself of your last point every day! i need to slow down and give myself some time to get things figured out. thanks :)

Help With the Design of My First Apartment?
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9/6/10 07:56 PM

Wow - thanks for all the comments!

I think I'm finally set on going the bed route. What does everyone think about putting the bed on the OTHER side of the room? The only reason I'm thinking that is because the divider i want to use has an ugly rear-side and I'd rather have the ugliness face the bed and not be the first thing you see when you walk in. Also, I'd really like to be able to have that built-in bookshelf be part of the living space. (great space-saver ... i can use this instead of putting up even more bookshelves)

On the living side of the divider, I'm thinking I will float the couch. I'm hoping this couch I can get for free won't be too big (3-seater) because I really like the style. Also, I'm thinking I will hang the TV on my wall and use the floating LACK shelves from IKEA above/below it for my DVD player, etc. I would really like to put a small desk against the back of the couch, but I don't think there will be enough space...

I can't wait to get in there and try everything out!

Does anyone know where to get one of those futons with the arms that fold up and down? (almost spring-loaded)

Help With the Design of My First Apartment?
Good Questions

9/3/10 10:26 AM

Lauren - this is awesome! I'm moving into a 400 sqft apt next month an am going crazy trying to think of how I'll set it up. I'll definitely take some pointers from your pictures.

Lauren's Tiny 400-Square-Foot Cozy Apartment
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9/2/10 11:10 AM