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fantastic place, but this was in the small cool contest last year? the place looks huge. i'd hardly consider it small.

Alexis & Ian’s Designer Pad House Tour
4/3/13 12:38 PM

this post is not helping my commitment issues. i've just added another year to the "move in with the bf" timeline (at least)

Moving in Together: Tips for Merging Styles & Keeping the Peace
2/8/13 05:06 PM


Win: Robert Abbey Mary McDonald Lamp
from Euro Style Lighting Holiday Giveaway

12/14/12 11:04 AM

you had me at fagabeefee

Jamie's Something Old, Something New Home Tour
12/6/12 02:16 PM

i don't believe in marriage, but i'm moving to denver and marrying this man

Samuel's I <3 Denver Loft House Tour
9/14/12 02:31 PM

they look good to me as is.

mount em like that and you have some industrial looking art

Ideas for Using Salvaged Hairpin Legs? Good Questions
9/5/12 02:55 PM

i have a mad design crush on the novogratz. their personal living space in nyc is basically my dream home (minus all the children).

Long Island Beach House from
Subfloors to Ceiling Home By Novogratz

9/4/12 04:31 PM

if i believed in marriage, i'd settle down with any of them.

Bachelor Pads of Apartment Therapy
8/20/12 01:38 PM

the easiest baby proof method is to avoid having babies in the first place. i've always chosen swanky living spaces over babies.

How To Baby Proof This Stairwell? Good Questions
5/14/12 12:52 PM

amazing! yay chicago! (glad i didn't enter this year, bc this one is the winner in my book)

Aaron's Opportunity to Experiment Small Cool Contest
4/16/12 03:53 PM

ugh. i thank my lucky stars that i live in a major city where you don't need a car to live. i couldn't imagine dealing with cars and all the bullsh*t that comes with it.

Moving Out, Post-Break Up: New Year, New Neighborhood?
3/1/12 01:50 PM

do it! spend the money. i cheaped out on nice looking (at first) but ultimately cheaply made couch that was more budget friendly (from a popular retail store). it looked and felt great for 3 months and then springs started popping up and it become virtually unusable. i should have saved the 800 bucks! now i took the plunge and just bought the gus modern jane sofa and it was worth every penny!! i love the look, the comfort and (i've seen it in my office and another friends home) i know it lasts! welcome to adult couch real world

Pondering the Meaning of the American Sofa NPR
2/28/12 11:24 AM

i have those same star wars prints. i love them!

David & Cat's Eclectic Scandinavian Burrow
House Tour

2/27/12 04:00 PM

i've never bought or adhered to the myth that dark walls close in a place. i've always had one or all of my ways in my bedroom black or dark charcoal grey. good job on the room!

Before & After: An Almost-Black Guest Bedroom
2/19/12 11:25 AM

where is your couch from?

Andy & Andrew's Vintage Modern
House Tour

2/14/12 11:37 PM

soo great! i have those same orange circles you have above your stove (except mine are yellow). i think they were originally supposed to be a coaster or cooling rack of some sort, but i too hung them on my wall. i have no idea where i picked those up a decade ago but i love them.

Kelly's Retro Artist Loft in Downtown LA
House Tour

8/30/11 01:03 PM

AMAZING! you're my neon heroes

Pete & James' Natural & Neon Loft
House Tour

4/14/11 12:43 PM

AMAZING! i love aarhus and i love this place!

Lasse's Multipurpose Room
4/12/11 10:58 AM

this one is my winner! apartment envy for sure.

Steve's Sydney Sun
4/10/11 08:13 PM

is it 5 photos AND a floor plan (6 photos total) or 5 photos INCLUDING the floor plan (5 photos total)? i'm hoping it's the former

On Your Marks, Get Set… Small Cool 2011!
3/29/11 03:33 PM