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I was thinking... how about using up your existing napkins (or your mother's) and identifying them with a bit of seam binder with different colours? It could be sewn (sawn?) all around or just in a corner....

Mixing and Matching Cloth Napkins

9/30/10 07:07 AM

I hate the smell of machine-dried clothes! I grew up with mountain-air dried clothes and everything else is just sad. In my current small flat without balcony (in rainy England anyway) I keep a drying rack on an armchair (no space on the floor!) and only machine-dry towels and sheets.

Green Idea: Going Half-Luddite With the Laundry
9/21/10 12:34 PM

I give my stuff to Banco Informatico!
This amazing charity in Milan, Italy, refurbishes old computers and gives them free of charge to other charities and schools all over the world.

How Long Do You Hang Onto Old Bits & Pieces?
9/21/10 07:34 AM

I have an inflatable banana-carrier. Seriously. Much more flexible. And with a smiley face on it.

Does it help that it was sold by a charity?

13 Products That Are Unnecessary and Wasteful
9/3/10 06:25 AM

Collections I loved and unfortunately thrown away at some point:

1) short used coloured pencils
2) bus tickets

I covered a few note-books using the bus tickets and some transparent plastic to keep them in place. This saved them from being thrown away! For some of the I used a lot of the same type (e.g. the old green and orange Milan underground ticket, from when I used to study there) arranged in some nice pattern (e.g. fish bone pattern, as for wood floors). For others I mixed different types of tickets, with a colourful effect.

The best thing about collections is having people to contribute to them!

I think I'll start my ticket collection again. I can do plane tickets now, except the on-line tickets are really ugly :(

What's the Weirdest Thing You Collect?
9/3/10 06:09 AM

I suppose if you have the microwave outside of the kitchen is because you don't have room for it in the kitchen. The food stuff next to the bathroom entrance is the worst bit in my opinion.
So I'd swap the desk and the shelf, and put the microwave etc on the side of the desk closer to the kitchen.

Ideas for Making My "Spacebox" in Holland More Livable?
Good Questions

9/1/10 09:31 AM