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I actually prefer drawers for my dirty laundry. I'll eventually get the expensive Elfa mesh drawers, but for now I'm using a cheap 3-drawer plastic thing I bought at Wal Mart. Bonus for drawers: you can put things on top of the unit.

Style Sourcebook: Laundry Hampers
1/5/11 01:43 PM

How about cut two pieces of wallboard to fit over the bookcases and then cover the wallboard with wallpaper?

Or build a couple of screens using fabric or wallpaper.

Ideas for Creatively Covering Up Built Ins?
Good Questions

8/31/10 06:50 PM

How interesting that the ever-so-macho playboy has a vanity and stool in the bathroom complete with a large mirror. He sits down to do his facial grooming? Or is that for all of his conquests to use? (Playboy is and always has been painfully archaic.)

The 1962 Playboy Townhouse
8/31/10 06:46 PM

By the way, I'd like to add that I'm really tired of people constantly defending all criticisms of anything having to do with the Obamas as if they are racial or political attacks. We're discussing the Oval Office here, who knows if the Obama's selected the decorations or if they hired someone, and frankly it doesn't really matter. IMO it's in poor taste.

President Obama's Redesigned Oval Office
New York Times

8/31/10 06:28 PM

I created an account just to post in this thread! (And I will stick around, because I frequently lurk this site...)

It drives me crazy when people redecorate a historic home and pay little or no attention to the home's architectural style. If the Obamas wish to decorate their private quarters in blah 1980's style, I don't care. But the Oval Office? Please. The hideous "modern" coffee table, 80's sofas, and ugly striped pillows are eyesores. The new rug is hardly different from the old rug, thus a huge waste of money. Jackie O would shudder.

President Obama's Redesigned Oval Office
New York Times

8/31/10 06:22 PM