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"GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms, also known as GE foods, or Genetically Engineered. Unlike traditional methods, like hybridization or selective breeding, that farmers have used for centuries to create crops with desirable traits and hardiness, when a plant has been genetically engineered, it’s DNA has actually been forcibly combined with the DNA of an entirely different organism, perhaps an animal, perhaps a virus, perhaps a bacteria. It is something that does not happen in nature, and requires a lab and a scientist to make it happen. It’s considered at the forefront of current bio-technology."

Excerpt from

What's the Difference Between Canola and Rapeseed? Word of Mouth
7/23/14 03:57 PM

I like the look on the sleek cabinets in the photo above, but I'd like to see what it looks like on the traditional style cabinets that most of us with the awful honey oak kitchens are stuck with. Part of me is afraid it would become more 'country.'

How Liming Can Save (and Update) Those Honey Oak Cabinets Kitchen Inspiration
7/3/14 05:08 PM

I have come up with some ridiculous things to eat when it's just me. Cold cereal I used to do a lot, now it's random leftovers combined with things out of jars that don't go together at all and maybe an egg. Luckily, I don't have to cook for just myself that often. I have been getting better at it though. Last time I made some delicious black bean tacos that I crisped up in a cast iron pan. For me, to be motivated to cook for just me, it's got to be quick/easy, and delicious in the end, or I jump quickly into the why-bother category.

On Finding the Motivation to Cook For Yourself
6/26/14 03:50 PM

I was in New Orleans two weeks ago and had some amazing food! We would always ask the locals for their recommendations, and tried our best to stay off of the beaten path. I also have food sensitivity concerns when I travel though and typically try to be very healthy which doesn't always work well, and I actually wrote about it a little on my blog yesterday...

10 Food Writers' Tips for Eating Well While Traveling Travel Tips from The Kitchn
6/13/14 01:44 PM

I think it would be great to use it the way that you might use a satchel of tea to smoke meat on the grill.

What Can I Do With The Bergamot Herb? Good Questions
5/22/14 03:01 PM

Greens is really good. Otherwise, Prairie Path by Two Brothers is excellent, it's just a good beer, gluten free or not.
From my research, Amstel Light is similar in gluten content as Omission and Prairie Path (As mentioned above, they are not 100% gluten free, but test within the limits of being able to be labeled so.) I'm not celiac, but have a pretty sensitive reaction to gluten, but none of these have bothered me.
New Planet is very 'meh' to me.

Yes! Here Are 6 Gluten-Free Beers That Don't Suck Tapped In
5/19/14 05:17 PM

I disagree with the GMO article linked here. Saying we have nothing to worry about is irresponsible, no credible scientist can say that.

What to Read This Weekend: Questions About the Grassroots Movement Against GMOs 10 Weekend Reads from The Kitchn
5/19/14 05:11 PM

I was just going to suggest apple cider vinegar.

I'm Allergic to All Citrus! What Are Some Good Substitutes? Good Questions
5/8/14 03:17 PM

Never mind, I see they say it will be ready for commercial roll out in 2015. Darn, I have to wait... :)

They're Making Gluten-Free Flour Out of Coffee Now! And It Sounds Great. Ingredient Intelligence
5/1/14 01:51 PM

I'm fascinated. I'd love to buy it to experiment, but their website says absolutely nothing about how to get a hold of their product for purchase.

They're Making Gluten-Free Flour Out of Coffee Now! And It Sounds Great. Ingredient Intelligence
5/1/14 01:14 PM

The link I posted above is broken now, here's another go at it.

7 Ways to Eat (& Drink!) Turmeric
4/23/14 09:25 AM

I've been roasting chickpeas, similar to the last post about curry-roasted pistachios. They are really addictive. Also, popcorn (not microwave bags) is not bad for a snack. What about homemade granola? Or a savory nut mix? Socca with some salsa or chutney would be good.

Cure My Cooking Problem! I Need Some Healthy Snacks That Aren't Cold & Crunchy The Cooking Cure Spring 2014
3/24/14 01:03 PM

This cracked me up. I'm so ready for the farmers markets to start around where I live. In the Chicago burbs, most communities have a small one, but they're rarely crazed. My BF will always go with me as long as I don't try to get him up too early to go. We both cook, so that helps. The biggest downfall is that the markets around here don't begin until mid-June!! So far away...

For the busy markets... as annoying as the crowds must be, (and I'm sure I would hate too) and even if it is that some people are only buying to be seen buying, at least they are there supporting it and the local farmers. Same idea, I recently had someone tell me that they are annoyed that gardening is becoming a popular 'fad.' I don't care WHY somebody gardens, but the very act of it is amazing and I'm happy they are doing it! More local food and/or self sustenance is never a bad thing. :)

5 Reasons Why Your Partner Doesn't Actually Want to Go to the Farmers Market With You
3/21/14 05:04 PM

Goal: More greens, every day.

Day 12: Ask Yourself 3 Questions About Your Dinner Habits The Cooking Cure Spring 2014
3/18/14 12:15 PM

I'm making some cilantro chicken legs with roasted veggies, and some chana masala. Probably some gluten free baking too, I've got a pancake craving I just can't kick...

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of March 15-16, 2014
3/14/14 05:12 PM

Yes to eating local! It's so important!

I actually have just recently started playing with fermenting, and I'm hooked! I made jars of giardiniera for gifts last week, and I have fermented jalapenos, onions, and a jar of preserved lemons also. The flavor is out of this world.

I also have beef bones in my freezer to make bone broth, but I need to get a hack saw so I can cut them down small enough to fit in my pot, lol.

Jenny McGruther's 5 Essentials for a Warm and Nourishing Winter Kitchen Expert Essentials
3/13/14 05:43 PM

Yes, I love this! I always spend some time on the weekend planning out and making my breakfasts for the next week, sometime doing some baking and lunch prepping too, and it really is relaxing and almost meditative.

This all got more complicated for me when I realized I had to go gluten free in my diet, I've discovered I have bad reactions to gluten and dairy. No more go-to cereal for breakfast. Many of my old go-to's for quick lunches were out too. Though it's been fun to experiment and try new things. I actually look forward to this weekend time in the kitchen, it's oddly grounding.

The 5 Things I Prepare On Sunday Night For My Lunches Tips from The Kitchn
3/13/14 12:42 PM

I went through a period where I was buying lunches pretty much every day, and I consider myself a clean food fanatic. Fail? Yep. I changed things around semi recently. I actually wrote a little about it yesterday...

Our Readers Take the Cooking Cure: Here's How Day 7 Went for Them The Cooking Cure 2014
3/12/14 05:11 PM

I currently use Pinterest, but I use Evernote for other things and never thought to use it for recipes. I'll have to look into that.

What's the Best Way to Organize Recipes That I Find Online? Good Questions
3/11/14 10:48 AM

I just read an interesting article on PB2 today by the food babe... She makes some interesting points about the problems with nutrients in it and the high levels of pesticides on non-organic peanut butter.

What's the Deal with Powdered Peanut Butter? Ingredient Intelligence
3/10/14 05:54 PM