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Let people finish their sentences! There is no prize for most words spoken at a meal. It's even worse when they do this to talk about a totally different topic.

What Are the Essentials of Good Table Manners?
11/7/11 01:15 PM

I have a fairly strict bedtime routine because it is the only way I can fall asleep. I do the toothbrushing etc about half an hour before I go to bed when my 'bedtime alarm' goes off. I continue with TV and computer stuff for a bit, then make green apple-chammomile tea and get into bed to do crosswords until my eyelids droop. This is the only thing that has worked to break a 25 year insomnia streak that didn't make me feel hung over the next morning (sleeping pills).

Do You Have a Bedtime Routine?
10/25/11 12:30 PM

These enchiladas are always a hit and take almost no time to assemble:

Help Me Find Fresh, Healthy Recipes for the Slow Cooker
Good Questions

10/24/11 10:51 AM

Persimmon pudding:

I grew up eating this just outside of San Francisco and had no idea Indiana had laid claim to its origins. It is delightful and great for fall; even if you live in a place that doesn't have a true fall.

Perfect Persimmons: 8 Ways to Eat a Persimmon
10/17/11 11:24 AM

She's translating "shiksa" wrong which may cause people to use it incorrectly in the future and cause themselves a lot of embarrassment. Among many Israelis, the word has come to have a similar usage to words used against women that begin with b and c. In America, not so much but this is why you should be careful when playing with a language you don't know.

The Gentile's Guide to the Jewish Holidays
Gilt Taste

10/3/11 10:48 AM

Its not an ethnic slur but in many dialects of Yiddish, shiksa was used to refer to prostitutes.

The Gentile's Guide to the Jewish Holidays
Gilt Taste

9/30/11 12:50 AM

@funstraw Potted plants and cut flowers seem to last equally long in my apartment. I've successfully maintained plants elsewhere but this place has bad plant mojo. At least with the cut flowers, there's variety.

5 Tips for Better, Longer Lasting Cut Flowers
9/27/11 05:32 PM

I'm jumping on the etrog train. The peels are delightful candied or in a marmalade. There is a superstition that marmalade made from etrogim will help a woman who is overdue to go into labor.

What Is This Armenian Mystery Fruit?
9/23/11 05:20 PM

I made this today when I got many lovely figs. I didn't have any marscapone on hand but I crumbled a bit of feta and drizzled some honey on the top of each hot fig. Amazing!

Dessert Recipe: Grilled Figs with Honeyed Mascarpone
9/13/11 01:38 PM

A series of Delft blue tiles. There are some excellent and affordable tiles that are printed instead of hand painted.

Unique Backsplash for My Kitchen?
Good Questions

8/25/11 06:24 PM

In addition to vegetarians, it would be very tricky for people who keep kosher. The fats around kidneys aren't kosher. The majority of fats from large livestock are not kosher. Hence the use of rendered fat from fowl in Ashkenazi cooking. Even then, you have to swap butter for margarine and once the margarine comes out its all down hill from there.

There is also an ick factor of the term. Yes, I realize that many other things we use regularly are also fats of some kind but the distance through naming is useful.

Lard: What's the Big Deal?
8/25/11 10:33 AM

Now that I've read the article, I'm happy I don't know the author or I can imagine the earful I might have gotten about my own wedding. Since I keep kosher and our wedding was almost entirely vegetarian, we avoided most of what she dubbed "passe" but I'm sure she could find things to complain about. The whole article was written in the same tone as that person in a music store that rolls their eyes at whatever you select and only listens to music that "you wouldn't have heard of."

Wedding Food: Should These Dishes Be Banned?
Bon Appétit

8/24/11 12:22 PM

I am fine with chocolate fountains in general. Just make sure the dip-ables are pre-stuck with wooden spears to keep everything sanitary. However, I avoided it at the only wedding I went to with one because I didn't feel like having to clean the inevitable splotch of chocolate off my clothes.

Wedding Food: Should These Dishes Be Banned?
Bon Appétit

8/24/11 12:14 PM

If you choose to purge the Planet Earth set, I'll pay you for shipping. That's one I can watch over and over.

Have You Purged Your DVD Collection Yet?
7/28/11 09:34 AM

Lilacs do well if you are good about constantly watering. They guzzle water. I've yet to find a way to revive them once they're droopy.

Flower Power: The Longest Lasting Cut Flowers
5/9/11 03:17 PM

Don't pick up if you can't talk. It's just that simple.

Are Unexpected Phone Calls Rude?
3/23/11 04:16 PM

I have a cookbook that is very much against anything convenient so everything has a million ingredients. I spent hours finding special ingredients and prepping them for a sauce to add to the recipe, only to find it was garam masala (tasting the same as the mix I already use) or KETCHUP! For the love of kitchenaid, include a note where I can opt to take a shortcut rather than slave away for the "authentic" flavors!

Cooking Confessions: What Are Your Recipe Pet Peeves?
2/22/11 02:39 PM

My favorite is "gevulde speculaas" this is a soft, sweet cake-like cookie flavored with the same speculaas spices and filled with a soft, sweet almond paste. This is also made in large sheets and then cut into squares like a brownie.

Cookie Spotting: Speculaas
11/30/10 09:47 AM

It's not that margerine makes the desserts kosher, it makes them pareve (neutral in the meat-milk dichotomy). Pareve is important because you can't have a dessert made with dairy after eating a meal with meat.

You want to make a dessert recipe kosher? Check the eggs for blood spots, use kosher ingredients and tools.

Rosh Hashanah Desserts from The Kosher Baker
Guest Post from Cheryl Sternman Rule of 5 Second Rule

9/7/10 05:27 PM

Yes, it should freeze fine but the pasta will be mushier.

Can you post or link to the recipe? Ive been aching to expand beyond soups, stews, and apple sauce with my slow cooker and being veggie has made this difficult. I'm on a kick of making food in large batches to freeze for later and this recipe clearly fits the bill.

Can I Freeze Macaroni and Cheese?
Good Questions

8/31/10 02:12 PM