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Most of the time I'm just cooking for myself and my fiance. And most of the time we have activities/meals out some nights of the week, so before shopping on the weekend, I try and plan meals for whichever nights I know I'll have time to cook. It usually ends up being 2-3 weeknight meals. Then I'll leave new/large/more ambitious recipes for the weekend.

I try my best to use what perishables I have before they go bad. And before I buy more just becuase they're on sale! I'm getting much better at knowing how much we'll actually eat in the course of a week, but it has definitely taken practice.

How Far in Advance Do You Plan Meals?
7/26/13 02:05 PM

Yesterday I made Curried Chicken with Coconut Rice from Shutterbean and a batch of oatmeal scotchies. That curry recipe is definitely a keeper. Today will be bbq meatballs in the slow cooker for football guests, and probably a big salad of some sort for dinner. And maybe I'll bake something with those apples on the counter if I have enough motivation.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of October 27-28, 2012
10/28/12 11:29 AM

I recently moved further away from my favorite produce/international market, which is now 13 miles away. So now I only go about twice a month. Pretty much any other time I get food items from the larger nearby Acme (2.5 miles). However, if the sales are good enough, I'll also stop at Pathmark and/or Shoprite, which is in between the two.

How Far Do You Travel For Groceries?
9/12/12 02:18 PM

Oh yes, I just moved on Sunday, and my kitchen looks exactly like your photo above. Both the one in our newly leased house, AND the one in the old apt. I thought I would get a chance to organize yesterday, but was greeted with a layer of dust on every surface. So yesterday was spent cleaning. And the more time I spent cleaning, the less time I had left in my day off, which got me incredibly fustrated and stressed. Today, I'm glad to be at work, away from the mess. I've finally realized that it's just going to take however long it takes, and that's fine. It will all get done eventually.

On Living with Chaos Weekend Meditation
7/17/12 10:19 AM

I do at least 85% of my clothes and dishware shopping at thrift stores. Now that I've found a few close stores with a wide variety, not only do I not miss shopping elsewhere; I detest going to the mall. I can always find name brand clothes in perfect condition at the Salvation Army. I've even come across many items with the store tag still attached! Plus every trip feels like a treasure hunt, AND I'm helping to recycle clothing.

The True Price of Cheap Clothes Slate
6/28/12 01:58 PM

I agree with CLOGGIEGIRL...No one should feel bad for choosing to care about buying local and/or oragnic food. But it is elitist to look down on others who choose to spend their money on other things. Those "other things" might not always be healthy choices, but preaching isn't going to make people change their mind.

On the other hand, yes, (most) people should not complain that they can't afford local/organic food. They should realize that they're simply choosing to spend their money elsewhere.

I've had to realize that....I've felt guilty for NOT choosing to buy more local/sustainable/organic options. But I keep myself on a very tight budget, and I know that by saving on groceries I can have a little more for entertainment or eating out. (which does NOT equal junk food)

We also have two different things being discussed here...One being local and/or organic food, and the other being simply unprocessed food. Yes, you can get food and produce at the grocery store that's cheaper than boxed dinners. But the oragnic food choices are more expensive than the boxed dinners.

And you have to know how to prepare the food that doesn't come ready to microwave. So there is a lot of education that needs to happen. But yes, first the culture of entitlement to welfare has to change. And I don't know how that will ever be accomplished without hurting those who really need the help.

Joel Salatin Takes on 'Foodie Elitism': Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Caring Handpicked Nation
4/6/12 10:37 AM

I have a similar ritual, but with mini snickers. I keep a bag in my desk drawer, and have one (sometimes two) everyday somewhere between 2:30 and 4:30pm, usually with a cup of tea. I eat them in two bites, and it's just enough to feel like a treat without destroying whatever healthy eating I've managed to do the rest of the day. And it keeps me away from the larger items in the vending machine.

My Weeknight Treat: A Handful of M&Ms
3/27/12 09:12 AM

The only ones I can think of are Tide, Dawn, Canada Dry, and Dove or Caress bar soap.

You and Only You: What Brands Have Your Unswerving Loyalty?
1/31/12 08:54 AM

I tackled a couple of new things in the kitchen yesterday...I made my first slow cooked pork shoulder, and baked my first pie completely from scratch! (blueberry)

The pork turned out amazing, and the pie was just okay. There was too much filling, and it wasn't thick least it tasted good!

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Weekend of September 17-18, 2011

9/19/11 09:50 AM

I have to second LHinseman's point:
"I'm so sick of blaming people for something that is 100% not their fault. When you imply that her marketed persona has a negative influence/impact on a segment of our population, you also imply a lack of judgement and intelligence for that same group of people. That is such a pompous view."

I couldn't agree more.

Frank Bruni Speaks Out On "Culinary Elitism"
8/26/11 02:22 PM

Baking soda. Nothing else picks up all the grime off my stovetop, stainless tea kettle, or bathtub!

What Kitchen Cleaning Product Can You Not Live Without?
7/18/11 02:43 PM

I just realized this recently, but was wondering if it was a fluke that my avocados were still good a week later...It's good to have this validated. I'll keep avocados in the fridge from now on!

Best Place to Store Avocados? In the Refrigerator
7/6/11 03:52 PM

The majority of the time I got a deli meat and american cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread. Always perfect layers of meat and cheese. Which I really should have been happy with, but the bread somehow always got soggy and/or flattened, and the cheese was always gooey.

Alongside was always one healthy side (carrots, applesauce, yogurt, etc), and one sweet. (little debbie, chips, cookies, etc.) Sodas were only allowed on Fridays.

Now I'm rather picky when making sandwiches...They always have messy layers, toasted bread, usually more lettuce than meat, and never american cheese.

I think my favorite packed lunch growing up was leftover chicken and tater tot casserole. I still make that recipe every now and then.

Lunchbox Memories: What Did Your Parents Pack for You?
4/11/11 02:51 PM

I second the crispy sweet potato fries. Mine always end up either soggy or burnt.

How To Month! What Do You Want To Learn?
2/1/11 03:27 PM

Oh yes, and grapefruit (I've gotten some great ones from the farmers market/grocery store), and afternoon tea w/chocolate for sure!

I agree with not being able to drink as much water as I should in the winter.

10 Food Tips To Keep You Happy During Winter
1/12/11 02:45 PM

Homemade soups and grilled cheese sandos get me through winter. And I've been craving veggies and greens, but they usually end up going in a soup! (or a quick one pan chicken curry)

10 Food Tips To Keep You Happy During Winter
1/12/11 02:37 PM

Christmas hollies (well that's what my mom calls them) which are like rice krispy treats but with cornflakes. We put in green food coloring, and decorate them with couple red hot cinnamon candies to look like a holly bush.

What's Your Favorite Holiday Cookie?
12/13/10 03:00 PM

blondie that sounds like a fantastic combination! I'm going to have to try that, maybe with couscous.

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Weekend of September 18-19, 2010

9/20/10 10:17 AM

Whenever I visit my friends in NYC I always have to comb through a couple thrift stores, usually a SA. I have so much more success thrifting in NYC.

Antiquing & Thrifting: My Favorite Sport
9/14/10 11:04 AM

It was rainy and cool yesterday, and we had friends who came over to watch the Eagles game...So I went ahead and made my first batch of turkey chili and cornbread. Now I think I'm ready for fall.

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Weekend of September 11-12, 2010

9/13/10 09:27 AM