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Interesting, I just did a similar thing but extended the lines out about 4 inches on each side of tv. However, I wasnt trying to camo my teevee, rather make it look even cooler. I used a color called fresh clay, on a cream wall. Dont get it twisted, a modern tv is beautiful!

One More Way to Camouflage the TV
8/31/10 12:35 PM

Im in the same position and refuse to buy the extra tall barstools. You cant get nice, stylish ones for under 250.00 and probably closer to 3-400 (each)!
I've considered the platform but am leaning towards buying a cool pub height table (Ikea Utby) and pushing it up against bar (easiest).

I've also considered buying a stainless steel countertop that would attach to the wall and fold down when not in use.

Really, having drinks at the tall counter would be fine with the shorter stools, but eating would be frustrating. That's when you could pop up the folding counter from the wall. My $.02

Good Questions: Fix for Low Stools at a High Counter?
8/31/10 09:12 AM