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In my student apartment I mounted 4 (or maybe more, I don't remember the size) of these vertically arranged on the inside of the bathroom door so I had a cheap full-size mirror that didn't take too much space. I used the double sided mounting tape as well, and couldn't get them off either when I left. Luckily the next renter liked it.

Repurpose Ideas for Ikea LOTS Mirror?
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11/24/11 06:17 AM

Thank you everyone for your comments!
@pamh Thanks for the idea of the edge above the tiles: that sounds perfect!

At the moment I'm thinking of going for the white subway tile, but I'm worried about cleaning the grout. Also, it might be nice to put just one line of very small green glass mosaic tiles in between the subway tile (though it might be difficult to find it in the same thickness as the subway tiles...).
Does anyone have experience in putting the tiles up yourself? Or is it definitely something to leave to the pros?

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11/17/10 04:18 PM

Edit: BTW I love that colour on your walls!

How Can I Visually Separate the Dining Area?
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11/14/10 10:06 AM

Hi Olga,

If I were you I would definately get a rug under the table.
Don't move the couch; it will make the room feel smaller. Same goes for anything dropping down from the ceiling!
Get a rug in a solid color and a piece of art in a similar color (or some shelves with similar colored items) above the table. Also get overhead lighting above your table, that will help in splitting the space.

Good luck!

How Can I Visually Separate the Dining Area?
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11/14/10 10:05 AM

Website sounds great, but loading time is ridiculously long. I signed up quickly but am still waiting for something to appear.
Will not use anymore.

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8/31/10 11:16 AM

Dear Sirian,

I actually lived in one of these a couple of years ago - later on did move to the apartment building across the street.

When I lived there I also had my bed on the platform; just the mattress actually, so I would be able to open the door/window fully! Also, lowering your bed brings even more light into your room.

Don't put anything to close to your heater, some of my friends had burns on wood cabinets that were too close since it gets so hot!

Put your bookcase on the same wall as your wardrobe so that you can put your tv in it as well. Move and flip your desk to multifunction as a dining room table and put your microwave on that as well.

Put your red chair where your desk chair is now so that you can talk to whoever is hanging out on your lowered bed.

And then accesorize!

I did put posters on the wall with the gummy stuff, comes off easily enough. Also put posters on all smooth surfaces (closet and bookcase, bathroom doors). And do get a big rug (though I have to say that I quite like the floor!) Get a nice tablecloth in red / white / black. Maybe get matching bedding at Zeeman - cheap shop with good bedding and table cloths/ tea towels etc. I'd go for this color scheme since the chair and curtains are already these colors and it will be expensive and difficult to change these.

Good luck!

+ def. go to the library to study - there are many comfortable spots to find to accomodate your laptop.
+ check out the Cambridgebar run by students = fun place to relax
+ don't do all your shopping at Spar (bike to Dirk in De Bilt instead)
+ get a coffee at Gutenberg sometime

Now that I reread it, it sounds a little like orders. What I mean is: This is how I would do it... Obviously! :)

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8/31/10 04:46 AM