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I have a BIG cat…he wouldn't share a littler box with his sister, they say you need 1 box for each cat you have and 1 extra on top of that. Our big boy wouldn't use half of these small ones…however we recently put the box under our stairs in a little storage area with a door (slightly cracked open) and they like it. There are all sorts of rules that I didn't' know when it comes to boxes and food and water and where to place them. Cats don't like water next to food. Cats don't like food next to their litter. They need a certain amount of light for their litter and won't use it if it's in a place with loud noises that stresses them out. Why do you have to be careful? Because you don't want them to feel more comfy peeing on our new sofa. :)

10 Ideas for Disguising or Hiding a Litter Box Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/7/14 04:30 PM

You missed "leave the toilet seat up"...thanks to our best man from our wedding, I know that one. We adore the guy but can bank on that every time he visits.

Traveling? Here's How to Annoy Your Host
2/20/14 12:43 PM

It looks bigger and more functional to me. However, would have put shelving on wall to make it work as storage...baskets under furniture (could get home reserve for cheap that has storage in sofa). And, one of those duo functioning coffee tables (round) that has ottomans and storage in the ottomans...works as a table, footstool, storage and dining table and extra seating for parties.

Before & After: Angela's Living Room Reclamation
2/5/14 11:29 AM

We own our home but there's one thing with the layout that really bothers me. When you come into the house, you come smack dab into the living room. We have created an entryway but still have to look a the entryway (coats, shoes and backpacks) when we are in our living room. I have often thought that moving the door a few feet to the right would fix the entire thing as we would build a little hallway there and even a vestibule (sigh)…but it's not in the budget…so we just make due with what we got.

Being Grateful About Your Home's (Unfixable) Flaws
1/11/14 11:53 AM

I love the ideas above about adding pallet woods to the frame. It's cheap and easy. You could probably just get away with doing that to the front. Pallets are free, look in your local craigslist ads for free pallets. The look is industrial and modern so it will go with your TV center perfectly, warm it up and give you storage for practically nothing...what's not to like about that? :)

What Can Dress Up Media Center and Hide Cords? Good Questions
12/16/13 10:05 AM

Homereserve is awesome because you can build any size sectional you like in any fabric and style. The beauty is that they deliver it in boxes…so if you're living in an apartment, it's easy to install and pack up to your next place. I like how small they can be and there's storage under. And it's not pricey at all. I believe they have a chaise. Check it out, it's online only.

Apartment-Size Sectional Like the West Elm Jackson? Good Questions
12/5/13 09:32 AM

Our new favorite game is Who Knew? It's a game with cards and chips and should be played at every single party on the planet. We've played it with kids, aunts, uncles, grandparents…it never gets old. Everyone gets cards except for the person who is the Whoseit. Everyone has to choose 1-2 cards (depending on how many people are playing) of what THEY think the Whoseit likes. Everyone gets a chance to be the Whoseit. It's the perfect game for breaking the ice and getting to know people. I find out something new about my loved ones (and vice versa) every time we play it.

10 Always Entertaining Party Games
12/3/13 02:58 PM

Float a small sofa/loveseat at least 21 inches from door when you come in. If you have room, put console table facing front door in back of sofa. Float 2 chairs, put coffee table in middle and TV on wall (that is the bathroom wall). Post photos when you're done, we love to see the finished product on here but no one posts…boohoo.

Where to Put Furniture in Living Room with Only Two Walls? Good Questions
12/3/13 09:10 AM

This officially gives me entry envy…though I've unofficially have had it since we moved into our current house (four years ago). ;)

Before & After: Plain Jane Entryway Now Pops with Pattern & Color
11/12/13 03:06 PM

Don't forget to leave the dishwasher open...if you leave it shut, the first time you open it after a while it will be truly stinky. Nice article.

Before You Leave Home: A Pre-Trip Checklist
11/11/13 01:36 PM

This is great for events too! Really cool, thanks!

DIY Lighting Idea: Make a Marquee Arrow Sign from Foam Core Hands Occupied
11/7/13 09:42 AM

I like: Hearing about how to make things for almost free (up cycling, shopping the house etc.) and repurposing items. I also like organizing and learning to make the most out of the space, which you already do. When my neighbors are adding on, I take solace in coming here and seeing how we can stretch our dollar, use what we have and enjoy what we have. I love this site! I'd like to see an article on the product instant granite which is put on top of the counter and is supposed to look and feel like granite. I'd also like to see a no-sew solution for a large old Pottery Barn type of sectional. Thanks for asking! :)

What Would You Like to Hear More About?
10/24/13 08:37 AM

PS I like the etching on the mirror...might try that...

Before & After: DIY Makeover with Small, Chic Changes
10/14/13 08:25 PM

When I clicked on the photo from Facebook, I was surprised to see that the brown was BEFORE...liked that one...

Before & After: DIY Makeover with Small, Chic Changes
10/14/13 08:24 PM

Whoops,meant to write that somewhere else.

Ghosts of Residents Past A Meditation on Unseen Connections
10/1/13 10:22 AM


Ghosts of Residents Past A Meditation on Unseen Connections
10/1/13 10:21 AM

Not sure if I mentioned but home reserve furniture with it's modular nature can either be a sofa or a sectional. It's put together piece by piece and screwed together so it doesn't slide everywhere. There are other modular furniture companies out there to check out as well. Modular furniture seems like your best bet, you'll be flexible and not stuck with one floor plan. If you don't like the L sectional layout, you just take away pieces and add armrests.

How to Arrange Dining Room Turned Living Room? Good Questions
9/30/13 10:37 AM

There was an old Christopher Lowell episode (and I think there's a book featuring) a room that was made to be a dining room but was turned into a multifunctional room so that when you wanted to use it as a living/family room you could and you could change it back into a dining room. We tried to do that with our dining room but decided it was just too small.In our old house, we used the smallest room (near the kitchen) as a living room. It's whatever fits the space but home reserve/modular style sectionals are great for rooms like this and they provide storage underneath. You can build it the way you want to and make it as big or as small as you like without hassle. If you get it and it's too big, take pieces away and put them into storage...they fold neatly away. If it's too small add more, the pieces are sold separately. I would put in ottomans that double as coffee tables for more seating. You see if you could float furniture if the room allows and put a console on the back to anchor it. With modular furniture, you're very flexible, perfect for this.
Post photos when you're done please. :)

How to Arrange Dining Room Turned Living Room? Good Questions
9/30/13 09:49 AM

I agree with mattab, painting the entire house one color will make it bigger, add pops of color in the door (love yellow) and then grey shutters, flower boxes and make the middle window (probably a bathroom) bigger to match with the other window sizes. Landscaping will be great too. Down the line if you plan on staying in the home, you can add a second floor or make higher ceilings and change the whole roof line. In the meantime, landscaping, paint and window changes should do the trick. You can also add a front overhang over the door with wood pillars and then put anirondeck chairs there or a bench. Make living space out of the front yard (fountains, seated areas etc.) and that will make your house look inviting and larger. Please post photos when you're done. Enjoy.

Suggestions on How to Add Curb Appeal? Good Questions
9/26/13 09:08 AM

This looks great for small apartments, can't wait to see it in a review and possibly as part of a small space contest. ;)

Canvas by YOY for Innermost London Design Festival
9/25/13 09:00 AM