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The individual elements are pretty. But, it is not cohesive. For instance you say you want a romantic feel to the room, but I get a contemporary/eclectic vibe from the lamp. Also, I don't know the layout of your room but the way I see the curtains behind gives off a cluttered vibe. For the lamp, I am imagining something quaint with a black iron base and a pretty shade? Good luck!! Have fun with it : )

Good Questions: Does this Nightstand / Lamp Combo Work?
9/10/10 09:34 AM

My best thrift store find is my coffee table. It was only 50 bucks and I bought it in high school eagerly awaiting my first apartment! It is long, cherry toned wood and looks like Danish furniture....One of many awesome finds!!

Best Craigslist or Thrift Finds Ever
9/9/10 02:37 PM

I adore the white lamps on the side table. Know of anywhere I can order or buy them in KY?

Brighten the Bedroom: 10 Easy Ideas
9/9/10 02:01 PM

This is gorgeous. Wish I had more space to do something similar with my amethyst colored old apothecary bottles!!

Milk Glass Collection Displayed on a Blue Wall
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9/9/10 01:53 PM

Let's leave the leopard print in the jungle where it belongs!

Will the Leopard Print Craze Follow You into Your Home?
9/9/10 01:46 PM

@ Stephan: 4 oversized chairs perhaps around a circular coffee table would look really nice.

Setting Up Home: Making a Lovely Living Room
8/30/10 10:38 PM