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Skip cleaning them and put them outside and use them as a trellis!

How to Clean Up but Retain the Antique Grungy Look?
Good Questions

10/13/10 10:35 AM

I started going to garage/estate sales when I was about 3. So I've collected things off an on over the years. But now I mainly focus on old Glass Milk Bottles, and Glass Ice Buckets. I love how colorful the ice buckets are, I use some for flower vases, one sits on a side table and hold my remote controls. The only other longtime collection I have that has been mentioned is movie/concert tickets, I have a box a friend made for me that hold all of them.

What's the Weirdest Thing You Collect?
9/3/10 12:14 PM

My home has an inset wall that the previous owner had covered in floor to ceiling mirrors like a ballet studio - I built an open back black floor to ceiling bookshelf in front of it. It was the perfect way to "hide" my 70's mirrors and display my books.

Wall-to-Wall Shelves
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8/30/10 05:30 PM