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I love the bird decal on the window

Andi's Kitchen Renovation: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
7/22/13 01:42 PM

The house looks like its been elevated, looks great!

Erin's Front Porch Restoration My Great Outdoors
6/22/12 12:26 PM

I've walked down the canal pathways and bridges before with a few friends and drooled over these houses. Amazing.

Jim & Theresa's House on the Venice Canal House Tour
3/13/12 12:28 AM

What a beautiful place!

An Airy French Kitchen
Kitchen Inspiration

2/18/12 12:23 AM

Great work! Very inspiring :)

Before & After: Dorie's Dynamite Kitchen
Hooked on Houses

1/26/12 07:09 PM

Love the transformation!

General Store: A Gem of a Greenhouse
10/27/11 10:58 PM

Wow a clear garage door?! What a great open-space idea!

Bridging the Gap: Inspiring Indoor/Outdoor Spaces
10/17/11 08:59 PM

I love it how the dogs are side by side on the couch, I bet they are the best of friends. haha! What a lovely house; very bright and beautiful :)

Margaret's Mix of Modern and Materials
House Tour

9/22/11 01:59 AM

Very awesome!

Dummy Proof One Button Digital Time-Lapse Camera
Daily Find

9/18/11 01:37 PM

I want one! :D

Sealander: It's a Camper … It's a Boat … It's Both!
9/14/11 01:41 AM

I love the deck too!! So tranquil.

Rosalind's Glamorous Beach House
House Call

8/2/11 11:49 PM

How fearless and inspiring! :) :)

Julie's Unbelievable Airstream Trailer, Shed and Art Studio
Green Tour

7/27/11 05:57 PM


Look! Small Space Living...In a Garbage Truck
7/26/11 04:54 AM

Cute idea :) though I'm very curious about how they appear at night. Please post if you can!

Delightful DIY: Colorful Paper Lanterns
Martha Stewart

7/22/11 02:42 AM

Funny, I was just looking at my stash of colored pencils while cleaning up today and wondering what I can do with them. Hehe, great ideas!

Inspiration: Displaying Your Colored Pencils
7/20/11 05:09 PM

Great idea!

Make Pretty Colored Glass With Food Coloring
Craftberry Bush

7/13/11 02:18 PM

What a fantastic idea!

Make Rustic Hanging Solar Lights
IKEA Hackers

7/12/11 11:32 PM

I like the green portion too, people judging food by it's color reminds me of picky kids who do not eat their vegetables. Its green tea people, get over it and take a bite!

Homemade Panda Bread
7/12/11 05:07 PM

This is amazing, thank you for the instructions! I remember seeing these at Starbucks and thinking that this must be fun to bake at home. Two thumbs up for taking initiative :D :D

How To Make Cake Pops
7/6/11 07:21 PM

I love the paper mache idea; I don't have a blender at the moment but maybe I can improvise...

6 Ways To Reuse Phonebooks
Creative Loafing

6/28/11 01:30 PM