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My mother taught me #2. She starts Christmas shopping in January, keeping an eye out for something that is just right. I do it too and it really works well, as long as you keep a record.
For the standard birthday party gift, I buy in bulk (lego, jumbo sticker books, great children's books) when I find a good price. I also make my homemade gifts assembly line style (one of my classics is a tote bag in a black and white doodle fabric with a pack of fabric markers).
When in doubt I do something that gets used up, so there is noting left to be a thing to take care of or get rid of.

Dulcibella's cards idea is brilliant. I want to try it for a child with a tiny gift (stickers, mini book) in each card.

How to Save Money and Stress Less When Shopping for Gifts
6/24/14 05:04 PM

I turn my dinning room chairs over and put them on the table when I give the floor a good wash. Then I spray and wipe the chairs too. It is amazing how much gunk my three wee ones get stuck on the undetside of the chairs.
I have the Crate and Barrel version of navy chairs simple because they are the easiest to get really clean after yogurt gets stuck to them for a long time.

Spring Cleaning Checklist: Family Edition
5/6/14 04:04 PM

My third was born at home eight months ago. While our house is bigger than 400sf, we used very little of it. The tub was set up at the foot of my bed, my bins of supplies (mostly chux pads etc) were by the door, and the midwife and her assistant set up the gear (multiple bags, with oxygen, drugs, everything you could need) in the hall outside so it was close, but so they did not disturb me while they did that work. I barely left the bedroom and never went down stairs. So just a little space would have been fine for me.
My four year old slept through the whole middle of the night birth (just down the hall), but by two year old woke up early on and ended up going on a very very long walk with my dad. Having small children who needed some space and a homebirth would be more tricky, but still workable.

On Home Birth in a Small Apartment
5/2/14 09:33 AM

West of you in the burbs with three littles. I am the opposite, I hate the picking up, but love the organizing. My biggest helpers are the bilk pack of shoe boxes from the Container store. Not too big or small and you can see what is inside them.
For drawers, the little pack of bins from Ikea just for that purpose are brilliant and we have them in all six dressers in our house.
For the hall, a dresser would give you lots of storage under the chalkboard.

Julia's Cure: All the Things I Usually Avoid Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/2/14 05:03 PM

I am on the other side. Just had kid #3 and still love my change table. But what I really love is the correct height for my back and the pad with sides that keeps my kids from rolling too much (even as toddlers). I have shelves mounted over both of mine and that is where I store things.

How's That Working Out? 6 Months Without a Changing Table or Pad
8/28/13 05:27 PM

dwelement I keep scissors in every room too, suited to what happens there.
Socks, the brilliance of keeping them where they get put on (for my small children, downstairs, along with several changes of clothes, next, to wait for it, the change table)
I also moved my iron and ironing board, but to my craft room when I realized I had only ironed fabric in 6 months.

Smart Organizing: Keep Things Where You'll Use Them
5/28/13 04:03 PM

I love the plastic cases with dividers for screws, odds & ends, batteries etc. The 12" ones fit beautifully in an Expedit (I use them in my sewing room).
It would take a little looking but a small tackle box or similar style tool box would fit, and keep everything better organized.

Tool Chest to Fit the 13\" Expedit Cube? Good Questions
3/19/13 11:52 AM

Its stick is a lot like painters tape. Target also sells four packs for $4 in their office supply section.

15 Washi Tape Project Ideas for Kids Rooms
2/26/13 09:09 PM

We love how the skip hop bag can clip on to the stroller when we are out and about for lunch.

Super Tweet Lunches: Bird Bag Roundup
1/31/13 07:00 PM

The Duralex cups on Amazon are great too, come in sizes from huge to very very small.

We also love small stainless steel mise en place bowls.

Faux-Montessori Dishes: Everyday Dishware for Montessori Weaning
1/14/13 07:44 PM

My 20 month old loved Chibi and would not let me scroll down. She was not all together sure what she was looking at, not quite a baby, but very cute.

ASM110 Ikea makes a wire rod that we have in the bay window that works well around corners.

Carolyn's January Cure: My First Week January Cure Diaries
1/8/13 07:41 PM

Rody, a grocery cart, and a doll stroller all get huge play at out huse and at toddler playdates. Harmonicas too and kazoos

Tell Us...the Best Gifts for Toddlers?
12/6/12 06:15 PM

duplo, green toys big truck, school bus etc, soft dolls (PBK baby are a big hit here), play kitchen, playsilks, balls, large boxes

Tell Us...the Best Gifts for Toddlers?
12/6/12 06:13 PM

I don't have a tidy rule, but I know from experience mine are happiest playing with a few great gifts, than lots and lots. This is the first year that my oldest will really be more excited about what is in the box than the box.

Gifts for Kids: How Much is Too Much?
12/6/12 03:22 PM

My kids are getting the Ikea kitchen for Christmas and one of their side presents are home made oven mitts. I had some well loved ones as a kids (still at my parents) and they were easy to make.

This reminds me to save some of their favourite food containers to add too.

Ideas for Stocking the Play Kitchen
12/6/12 03:19 PM

My daughter loved playsilks, my son animal crackers.

Tell Us...the Best Gifts for Baby's First Christmas?
12/6/12 10:44 AM

It was on sale at my Ikea. My friend and I and some painters tape went all over my house trying to find the best open wall for it. It is big (2 yards tall).

Trompe l'Oeil Christmas Tree:
IKEA Margareta Fabric, Four Ways

11/27/12 03:58 PM

I had a similar situation and hung several pretty canvas tote bags on hooks and used one for each persons hats, mitten etc.

Ideas for Keeping Winter Gear Organized? Good Questions
11/19/12 08:34 PM

Notice that the tray was silver in the before too, so probably never painted.

Before & After: \"Old & Ugly\" High Chair
11/15/12 06:14 PM

For all my diapers, I love the GroVia Magic Stick for a mild rash or spots (usually from teething poop). For more heavy duty rashes Triple Paste works wonders and has always washed right out of my natural fiber diapers (cotton, hemp, bamboo, so most prefolds, and fitteds), but not my oil based fiber ones (fleece, suede cloth, microfiber, so many pockets and AIOS).

Be careful with Zinc as it like to stick to oil based fibers, and avoid fish oil as it is almost impossible to wash out of anything. For a mild rash, coconut oil is very nice (I use it on my hands all the time, and in stir fry).

Diaper Rash Creams: The Dirty Cloth Diaper Secret You May Not Know
11/12/12 02:11 PM