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this has made me feel a lot better about my current apartment situation. we've only ever had problems with our upstairs neighbors. we now have a 20 year old college student who lives above us and is the most inconsiderate person we've ever dealt with. we honestly can't believe that they're letting a college kid live here (the building is mainly working professionals and there are only two families that have children here). luckily, we're moving to a top floor unit in July. that day can't come soon enough!

Get Off My Lawn: Neighbor Pet Peeves
5/25/11 08:26 PM

house tour, please! loving the colors and the kitchen.

Cate's California Cottage
House Call

10/28/10 02:36 PM

I love the handmade bed… what a great piece!

This space is awesome. I love it!

Sarah's Relaxed Rooms with a View
House Tour

10/26/10 04:20 PM

I love this space! Especially the bathroom with the teal skull… so amazing.

Ashley's Lovely & Eclectic Studio
House Tour

10/21/10 03:57 PM