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We got a dog, which is great and also forces me to walk outside every single day no matter what. It's really, really, really good for me since I work from home.

Otherwise, I do yoga at home, which isn't ideal (I have to slide the coffee table out of the way) but works pretty well. The key for me was getting the equipment-- two blocks, a strap, a bolster, blankets, as well as a good Iyengar book. And I take one class a week at a nearby studio to keep me honest.

How Do You Work Out at Home?
11/11/11 08:56 PM

Oh, and the posters above who mentioned how sturdy china is are right. As long as you don't get a metallic pattern that will wash off, it's incredibly durable.

Do You Have Special Occasion Dinnerware?
11/2/11 09:31 PM

I grew up using a set of Meissen blue onion plates from my mum's great aunt that we ate off every day, put in the dishwasher, microwaved, sometimes dropped and broke.

When I got married, we got a set of beautiful but different Meissen dishes that we again use every day. I think they're gorgeous. They make me really happy, and when people come to visit, we use the nice plates! We're always using the nice plates!

Do You Have Special Occasion Dinnerware?
11/2/11 09:27 PM

I have had a bottle of red wine break in a suitcase (I was coming back from Chile, and my bag got searched and re-packed at the airport). It was really, really bad.

It was bad enough that I would consider buying a wine diaper.

The Jet Bag: A Diaper for the Wine In Your Luggage
Product Review

6/22/11 08:20 PM

I recently made that Chicken with Artichokes and Angel Hair recipe (a few times, actually) and loved it-- it's delicious and easy. I highly, highly recommend it.

More Date Night Dinners! 8 Recipes for a Cozy Evening In
4/23/11 05:57 PM

Hm, sorry everyone, I don't know what happened to the rest of my comment.

I also make cream biscuits, which you can freeze before cooking. I would bet that you could do the same with muffins:
- Make sure you have tin liners of some sort, then fill the tin with the raw dough.
- Freeze, then pop out the raw, frozen muffins.
- Then when you're ready to cook, pop them back into a tin frozen and just add a few minutes of cooking time.

5 Ideas for a Make-Ahead Potluck Breakfast
4/6/11 10:21 AM

I just posted about my favorite raspberry muffins, which are really delicious and come together quickly (so you could make them the morning-of quite easily).

I also make

5 Ideas for a Make-Ahead Potluck Breakfast
4/6/11 10:19 AM

If the shelves are solid wood (I'm not familiar with the IKEA Lack shelves, so I'm not sure) and if you only have one or two, you could also sand them down along the side to make them curved. It'll take a little time, but not too too long if you've got some coarse-grain sandpaper and you wouldn't need power tools.

Hold the shelf up to the wall and gently mark with chalk or pencil (ideally on the bottom, but if you're painting them if doesn't matter) where the wall starts to curve away from the shelves. Then sand that middle section down a bit to create a curve in the shelf. It'll take some eyeballing, but you probably don't need it to be exact.

Floating Shelves On An Uneven Wall?
Good Questions

4/6/11 10:11 AM

My dad has a somewhat similar drying rack for dishtowels (the arms don't fold up, but rather rotate to fan out horizontally). I've always been jealous of it, but it never even occurred to me that you could use it for things that <em>not even dishtowels</em>! I'm now super jealous.

Unexpected Favorite: Vintage Drying Rack
3/29/11 01:54 PM

I consider my strainer first tier, absolutely. I wash it by hand because I use it so often that I don't want to wait for it to go through the dishwasher.

The Almost Essentials: 5 Second-Tier Kitchen Tools We Love
3/23/11 08:37 PM

I'm with JDK-- I grind them up in my food processor and add them to my applesauce. It makes for a prettier color, I feel better about less waste, and I have this vague feeling that it's healthier.

Are There Any Good Uses for Apple Peels?
Good Questions

3/23/11 08:29 PM

I have an old egg beater that was my dad's (maybe my grandma's?) and that I LOVE.

I use it for whipped cream a lot, because that doesn't require a ton of whipping and it doesn't seem worth it to haul out the electric mixer for such a small job. It's really nice for when I'm making dessert with my little brother, too, because it's lighter and easier to use than the electric mixer so he can help.

But I've also used it to beat egg whites for pancakes, and other small beating jobs (heh).

In Praise Of Old-Fashioned Kitchen Tools
3/23/11 08:25 PM

When I'm cooking I always use fresh squeezed. I don't mind orange juice, but it doesn't taste much like fresh-squeezed oranges to me.

Fresh Squeezed Juice: An Essential or a Luxury?
3/1/11 02:39 PM

About a year ago, my husband spent 6 months away in training for his job. I did a bunch of the things people describe above but my favorites were:

- scrambled eggs with greens and cheese,
- roasted vegetables, with some lemon chicken one night, and then the leftover vegetables over polenta another night,
- soups (freeze the leftovers so you're not eating the same thing day after day after day),
- sometimes I'd have just a big bowl of broccoli with cheese, which my husband doesn't love,
- a salad with tuna, olives, capers, and a lemon-garlic vinaigrette,
- and I also really enjoyed going out to dinner by myself.

Good luck!

Help Me Cook for Just Myself This Week
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2/27/11 06:15 PM

I use my garlic press all the time. I find the way the garlic sticks to the knife annoying, and I like being able to just squeeze the garlic into a pan or pot. I know it's a single-use tool, but it's one that I really like.

Garlic Press: Should You Buy One?
1/20/11 04:08 PM

I have a peeler very much like that swiss ceramic peeler, and it's amazing. I find I'm able to peel unwieldy things like butternut squashes pretty easily because of the extra leverage.

I bring it with me when I cook at other people's houses.

Helpful Tools: Our Favorite Vegetable Peelers
1/12/11 05:36 PM

Another vote for Nigella's Clementine cake. It takes a little while to cook (not hands-on work, but some boiling of the clementines), but it's pretty simple and totally worth it. It's really moist.

Otherwise, it should be possible to make marmalade from clementines. It wouldn't be a huge batch, but it seems workable.

Sweet Clementines: 8 Recipe Ideas for Leftover Clementines
1/9/11 09:06 PM

This is super exciting, because I love those crisps and I cannot justify $7 for a box of crackers that I will eat in one sitting.

DIY Raincoast Crisps: Rosemary Raisin Pecan Crackers
Recipe Recommendation

12/17/10 12:42 PM

I know you said no salads, but my stepmom has a recipe for a wonderful pomegranate salad that I think you could still serve along with a more traditional salad.

It's pretty easy and can be served cold and it's super festive-looking. I posted the recipe here.

Simple, Healthy Side Dishes for Holiday Parties?
Good Questions

12/17/10 12:41 PM

I made hot chocolate with ginger. If I've got fresh ginger, I grate some directly into the pot (or mug, although I think that works slightly less well), and/or I add in some ground ginger. I like the slight spiciness. I have also heard that ginger aids digestion, and generally feel that my digestion could always use some additional aiding, so there's that, too.

I also really like to add cardamom to hot chocolate.

Warm Cups of Cocoa: 7 Ways to Mix It Up
12/7/10 11:51 AM