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@Anjali Is this a review for something you haven't actually tried? If so, shame on you!

I'm also a dedicated jar eater. I bought a BNTO last week, and tested it out with salad and dressing, soba and tsuyu, and veggies and bean dip. This is what I learned:

1) To create a salad similar to the image above, you need a REALLY BIG JAR. The BNTO occupies a little less than half of the space in a 500 ml. On a positive note, the 500 ml jar was an appropriate size for soba and the veggies for the bean dip.
2) The bean dip didn't leak, but I found oil scum on the OUTSIDE of the canning jar lid.
3) Yes, 6 oz of salad dressing is too much salad dressing. 6 oz is also a large portion of bean dip. 6 oz is excessive for tsuyu, too!
4) kimeats and suezq are right, stainless would have made the expense worth it. The BNTO is made of sturdy plastic, but at 8 bucks, I do feel that I payed too much -- maybe I should have bought two and framed the packaging as a recto/verso art for my kitchen walls.

Cuppow's BNTO: Take Your Canning Jar Lunch to the Next Level
7/21/13 01:14 PM

I read the NY times article and right now I'm wondering what its like to sleep with a little pig. Like my cats, the pig probably thinks she is sharing her bed with a human and not the other way around.

I like the photo too. More photos of pets and the people who sleep with them are on the NY Times website.

Furry Bedfellows: Do You Sleep with Your Pet?
NY Times

2/19/11 12:53 PM

I'm an art conservator. I've seen a lot art damaged during exhibition. Hanging your art against a window not only increases light exposure (even for north facing windows), but it also increases the risk of water damage from condensation buildup on the back of the frame. With water damage comes mold.

The best thing for windows is curtains or shades and the best place to hang your precious photographs, prints, drawings, and paintings is on interior walls (above fireplaces and in the kitchen are absolute no-no's. If you have a large collection of framed items, consider changing the display from time to time.

Hang Art On Your Windows
9/12/10 01:27 PM

I agree with trissi. The rubber residue is a plasticizer and not something you want on your lovely chairs. Health-wise its not something you want to remove or sit down on either.

Do go back to your restorer and have a conversation about velcro. There maybe adhesive backed velcros on the market that won't crosslink with or otherwise adversely affect fiberglass. There are also non-adhesive backed velcros that could be attached to your chair with a conservation grade adhesive. If your restorer won't help you out, contact the American Institute for Conservation (google it). The AIC can help you contact a conservator with experience in modern materials.

Also the original velcro should not have been removed without your permission.

Velcro on Restored Saarinen Set?
Good Questions

8/27/10 02:57 PM