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It seems like alot of money, even starting with a friend who started upholstery business and waiting for cloth on sale, then waiting for chair to be finished. If you care very well for the chair, and keep it the rest of your life, then it is a Bargain. Lots of time, lots of cash, patience, and good care. Still a bargain. sincerely, mary

Before & After: Eames Recliner Replica Gets Reupholstered
2/15/11 05:17 PM

I try to keep an immaculate house, and I am not boring. sincerely, mary

The Lazy Woman's Guide to Living Without Piles and Clutter
2/11/11 07:47 PM

Bless you little Worker. You are Clean...sincerely, mary

How To Do It Better Guide: Making Your Own Cleaners
2/11/11 07:38 PM

I love it when people go the extra mile and work to make something old, all new again. That file cabinet is the right color for my apt. also, so file cabinet, here I come to find you. sincerely, mary

The Look for Less: Going Bright on a Budget File Cabinet
2/11/11 07:36 PM

You are a great home owner. Take good care of your baby...sincerely, mary

Rita Konig Does Up a Penthouse
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2/11/11 07:31 PM

Becke, Becke, Becke, my son and I read your blog, or actually I read it out loud to him as he watched my computer...we laughed so hard, I couldn't see to read at times. Was a wonderful time for Bill and I. I love your tenacity, willingness to work hard, and your great mind, your great creativity. I am sure you encouraged many many people to stick their necks out and Create. You are a good person and your husband is Wonderful to work at your side. Bless you both. I will always be glad I met you on Blog, and will be sewing a quilt and pillows for my daughter Suzy with the cloth she bought from your Etsy. Tear into Life! sincerely, mary

Becke & Lee's Vintage Cabin
House Tour

2/11/11 01:18 AM

wow. gorgeous. excellent taste. calming atmosphere. sincerely, mary

Time Warner's Signature Home in NoHo
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2/8/11 06:05 PM

It pleases me to look at your home. I am grateful. thanks for sharing, sincerely, mary

Bernard's Time Traveller's Life
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2/8/11 05:59 PM

I really enjoy people who care for their home so well. I am proud of them. sincerely, mary

Danny & Jeff's Vintage Collections
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2/2/11 12:23 PM

I read that about your renovation, and I cried. It surprised me that I cried. But when something needs to be done, and done correctly then you MUST do it. I am so glad you got it done. Enjoy. sincerely, mary

Before & After: Edgaroso's Brave Bathroom Renovation
1/26/11 10:23 AM

I always enjoy reading comments. These people will probably rearrange their rooms many times, as most of us do. They really love their home, and I am sure I would be a little disturbed, a little, if people criticized my home arrangements. We wouldn't want to go into their homes and counsel. We have the freedom and power to dress or undress our home, and oh it feels so good to do that!!! sincerely, mary

Rob & Barb's Loft Story
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12/15/10 07:11 PM

I get a kick making lists, clears the head. sincerely, mary

Do You Keep a Holiday To Do List?
12/14/10 08:29 AM

Ditto Riccardo...sincerely, mary

5 Home Resolutions to Make for the New Year
12/14/10 08:27 AM

The black accents for grounding shows you are very aware of good decorating. And I'm glad to say I have a little dog looking just like yours! sincerely, mary

JV and Joe's Jazzy Pad
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12/14/10 08:22 AM

you are so GENEROUS! God will bless you for that alone. thank you. I am so glad I know you wonderful people. sincerely, mary

Holiday Giveaway Daily Roundup: 12.13.2010
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12/14/10 08:19 AM

I love this wreath. I guess I can bear a few burnt fingers to make it. Thanks for the instructions...sincerely, mary

5 Wreaths You Can Whip Up Before the Holidays
12/5/10 11:25 PM

This young man was born with decorating talent. It is in his soul. He had such great precision when he hung those groups of pictures and made all the small lower pictures measure out as the larger top pictures. What a great talent! sincerely, mary

Ben's Parisian Flat
House Call

12/4/10 04:05 AM

This table would look good in my TTAA, and I mean TT. thank you for opportunity...sincerely, mary

Win This Reclaimed Pine Table from Vermont Farm Table!
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11/23/10 10:36 AM

I have read all your comments, Thanks, and I will try this using advice from person who made original lamp. How wonderful of her to do this, and even more wonderful of her to share. What a grand lady. Thank you. Thank you. sincerely, mary

Look! Pendant Lamp Makeover For Under $12
11/18/10 01:50 PM

I lost my comment. I will try to duplicate it. I have always told people I love Love LOVE dark rooms. Maybe because all my life I have been a dark brunette. I don't know. I especially like Room #1, and also the beautiful Blue room. Thank you for showing me these rooms. I have also had all white rooms, lovely, but always go back to delicious dark moody rooms. sincerely, mary

Storm-Colored Rooms
11/18/10 01:29 PM