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The iguana makes me lol and I think that's the point of a lot of what they've showcased here. Their place is kind of what I imagined my favorite quirky high school Spanish teacher would have going on in her house.

Great, tour. I wish for natural light and a cute dog moddle just like Libby & Ryan's someday. I love the bedroom paint color like woah. Invite me over so I can admire your teak candlesticks in person! I would let you pat me down before I left, even.

Libby Ryan's Light Airy Granny ChicHouse Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/22/10 06:34 PM

I also signed up for the Chicago cure but on the NY page, but I did pick Chicago. Add me please?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Spring Cure: Week One#comments
3/10/08 12:06 PM

globe amaranth! I got some & asked what they were b/c they were so fun & straw-feeling.

Apartment Therapy - Look! : Our Farmers Market Buys
9/28/07 01:44 PM

Hildi, of Trading Spaces fame, had the idea of "hay wall" years ago! :)

Apartment Therapy - Abacadazzle Wallpaper by Maya Romanoff
9/18/07 02:34 PM

She also has a small stock at Asrai. While it lasts I suppose.

She stopped making votives in more than 2 scents & I had my suspicions she'd be moving soon...

I love her stuff & the quality is great. Unfortunately for my pocketbook I am familiar with enough faves to confidently order online.

I was amped when I got that email yesterday. :)

Apartment Therapy - Tatine Candles
8/22/07 12:54 PM

I was so amped & psyched for the cicadas. Then when they didn't show up in the city it was like this biggest something-tease of all time!

Eventually I got out to Brookfield and was immersed in all the cicada awesomeness. And my brother brought me a baggie containing a bunch of dead ones in case I hadn't got to see them in real life.

They stink like cheese. Neat!

Have the Cicadas Affected Your Home Life??
7/11/07 01:23 PM

I'd like to be more green, but I try my best. Things like i-go make it easy to not be a car owner. Mad ups for i-go.

I try to bring my own bags to stores.

And my small garbage can in my condo helps keep me conscious of the waste I create. Taking out the trash sucks so if I create less of it, the fewer trips out to the alley I make!

Riding my bike helps the environment & my belleh. We all win.

July Is Green Home Month
7/9/07 01:41 PM

Yes, thank you, Janel! Water & water bottles are freaking me out.

never mind the fact that only a small percentage of the largely non-biodegradable bottles ever make it within spitting distance of a recycling facility, nearly all major brands (coke, pepsi) use TAP water for their products & just add minerals.

you are paying more for a gallon of bottled tap water than for gasoline. Think about it. ehn.

lastly, the FDA has a whole two people assigned to regulate all of your bottled waters.

EPA regulates tap.

Ok enough. Bottled water ain't all that!

Good Quotes: On Not Buying Bottled Water
7/9/07 01:32 PM

I thought my neighborhood of Humbolt got it on come July 4 but oh no sir! I know now that Little Village totally knows how to do the fourth!

We had a great 360-view from a newly-tarred rooftop in Pilsen & while they were going strong until 10:30, Little Village just did not stop. It was great.

Survey: Fireworks View??
7/5/07 10:37 AM

oh snap, kurt!

#16- The Murrays Make a Nest
4/30/07 02:26 PM

oh no that cat! it's acting very tough & I giggled at him out loud by accident. nicely done.

nice, warm place. hot lamps.

#16- The Murrays Make a Nest
4/30/07 12:35 PM

I feel bad now saying that, b/c it really IS a nice place. Maybe I don't understand the rules.

Having a hard time articulating--the vibe I get from the space is sort of a low buzzing & I prefer something make me hear a symphony. For the smallest, coolest contest anyway!

ehn I stop trying.

#12 - Nathan's Clean Slate
4/25/07 12:12 PM

it's definitely cool & nice & modern, but for me it lacks personality.

I see a globe snuck in there, but that's the only thing that lets me know this is an apartment where someone lives & isn't a boutiquey hotel.

I guess I like more kick in my entries. Show me a space that is both cool & functional & make me want to get to know the person behind the space.

#12 - Nathan's Clean Slate
4/25/07 12:08 PM

The monster eyes from beneath the bench in pic one have told me to vote insta-finalist.

But really, I do like the space. It shows a lot of creativity & not just more of the same that we're used to seeing around here. The colors are happy & bright & I find it refreshing that it's not a DWR wannabe.

Homey & comfortable with a kick. I like it.

#11 - Johnny and Adam's Vintage Nature Nook
4/24/07 01:05 PM

I am hot for their stuff, but I find their prices to be WOAH.

And I second what someone said in the previous entry about the owner--I don't know if it's the owner or just a worker I've encountered, but I don't get a very warm vibe whenever I'm in there. Just sayin'.

Their stuff is hawt, though.

Mod Life
4/20/07 11:26 AM

It appears much larger than 375 feet with the windows & light color on the wall.

And I disagree, bluetoes--I think the Pirate flag is hilarious as contrasted with the sweet mint green walls & otherwise sort of soft-feeling living room. I like that it's not serious at all. Except that it really is serious. She's serious about pirates. But you know.


#7 - Yvette's Charming Gold Coast Studio
4/18/07 10:36 AM