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I love it! I want one!

Before & After: A Retro Bowling Ball Holder Gets A New Life
6/18/14 10:11 AM

I got a gorgeous antique roll-top desk for free! All I had to do is ask my boyfriend to move in with me. And I even get money to split the rent. Best deal ever!

Tell Us: What's Your Best Bargain Find?
5/21/14 12:00 PM

#1 - Pier 1 X table - I really like the look but it at $90 you aren't getting a table, the glass top isn't included. Paying another $100 for a table top makes it less of a bargain.

Style on a Budget: 10 Sources for Good, Cheap Furniture
5/21/14 11:16 AM

I'm in love. Amazing!

Meg & Joe's \"In Full Bloom\" House Tour House Tour
5/1/14 12:26 PM

The layout makes so much more sense knowing those are mirrors and not open space!

Before & After: Out With the Mice, In With the Nice
3/20/14 11:50 AM

I also have a brown couch and navy rug (though your rug is so much better). I have a lot of additional pops of color in the room – plants, bright throw pillows, yellow side table, art with multiple pops of color and other little things on my bookshelves in bold colors.

In the world of limited budgets, I won’t suggest throwing out your new purchases in favor of other options.

Third Color To Lighten Up Brown & Navy Room? Good Questions
2/4/14 09:23 AM

Not a bad kitchen by any means. I don't think the cabinets are the 'problem'. I think, like most of us, you just have a problem with a real kitchen vs. a designer kitchen. I wouldn't remove the doors.

It looks like you have a ton of storage and you said most of it wasn’t being used. Use it! I keep my trash can under the sink. Since you have a ton of counter space that’s being used for appliances, move the island against the wall and store things there. Take down the cutting boards (?) covering the windows and put the knives away. De-cluttering will make it look more designer. Then add some color using art, window coverings, pretty fruit bowl or food storage, dish towels, etc.

Facelift for Rental Kitchen - Remove Cabinet Doors? Good Questions
9/27/13 11:48 AM

I just moved into a second floor apartment with no central air (which will be missed from my last apartment) that I've been obsessed with decorating. I also just installed a hand-me-down AC unit with broken knobs, broken side panels, etc and sealed it up with bright blue painters tape. I don't care how ugly the thing is... I still plan to stare at it lovingly as it blows cool air gently into my bedroom lulling me to sleep.

Simple & Smart: Air Conditioner Installation Tip
6/12/12 10:01 PM

I'm in love. With all of them.

Hmm... I *am* in need of a bedroom redo...

Studio Solution: Curtained Beds
1/24/11 11:23 AM

When I had my garden this summer I wasn't happy with my first batch of tomato sauce.

Second batch... I roasted the tomatoes, onion and garlic and then ran it through the food processor. It was delicious!!

Help Me Make Better-Tasting Tomato Sauce!
Good Questions

1/20/11 02:14 PM

I'm in love.

Seth & Allison's Breezy Bungalow
House Call

8/26/10 11:40 AM