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Cambria, as a person with a background in journalism, writing, editing, and managing online communities, I feel well qualified to comment on Carrie's job performance or lack thereof. I was unaware that one had to be a card-carrying member of the Carrie fan club to post here. I'm removing ohdeedoh and the rest of the AT family of sites from my feed reader.

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5/17/11 10:30 PM

I will raise my hand as one of the snarky ones. This post is really too little, too late in my opinion. Carrie, you were asleep at the wheel yesterday for several reasons:

a) for allowing that room to be posted in the first place. It was clearly dangerous from any sane person's point of view.
b) not responding to the many and repeated calls from readers wondering if the entry was a prank, or serious and dangerous
c) allowing the comments to go as far as they did, including the entrant herself's, which was much nastier, ruder and more deranged than any of the ones that preceded it put together
d) pulling the entry without explanation
e) posting this hand-wringing drivel as a non-response.

APT has been around a long time and I generally consider it a professional site. Apparently all it takes is a trade show for it to lose its marbles completely. Sad.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Leaving a Jerky Comment
Etiquette, Manners and Just Being a Good Person

5/17/11 09:44 PM

I guess I can't relate, because I've never submitted a dangerous and bizarre children's room to an Internet contest and then cried and lashed out at anyone who dares say a word against me.

I have to say that I was really, really hoping that this room was a joke. The fact that a real person is behind this madness-- and that she is blaming all of the commenters here for raining on her parade-- just makes it much more pathetic.

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5/16/11 07:27 PM

Wow, I think this pamheggie person needs some counseling or something. She is clearly unhinged. Ohdeedoh, what hath thou wrought?

Lady, we're judging you because you put a CHILD in HARM'S WAY because you thought it would be CUTE for a WEBSITE. And BTW, I bought a nice HE LG washer/dryer set for under $1000 with my own damn money.

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5/16/11 07:02 PM

I have but one word for this room: disgusting. Seriously, ohdeedoh, you're either being punked and are too stupid to see it, or this family is gleefully putting their 2-year-old in harm's way and you think nothing of it. WTF is wrong with you people?

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5/16/11 04:13 PM

Am I the only person who kept seeing "danger! danger!" from this room? From the parasols hanging from the ceiling to multiple frames/shelves above the crib, the lighting wire hanging right next to the crib, breakables on the shelves and card catalog and the bizarrely placed changing pad, I just can't see an actual baby in this room. Cute, but not in any way practical or realistic.

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5/9/11 02:58 PM

Based on what I can see, Ikea for the rug, Expedit shelving and Poang rocker (possibly curtains too) and Wal-Mart for the BabyMod Olivia crib. Bedding appears to be DwellStudio. Can you tell I've been looking for chic and cheap modern baby stuff too?

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8/25/10 09:57 PM