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That Barbara painting is like buttah.

Shaun & Matt's Glam Loft House Tour
1/16/14 01:12 PM

In love with the bedroom and branches at the head of the bed. The earthy color scheme is beautiful.

Teressa and Ryan's Fresh & Friendly Home House Tour
9/30/13 10:00 PM

Wow! While this is so not my style, I salute the dedication it took to make a place look like this. Quite a feast for the eyes!

Adam's DIY Ode To Ornamentalism House Tour
9/30/13 09:55 PM

The interior of this house is so my style, I'm in love. Great job!

Aria & Jason's Austin Oasis House Tour
7/3/13 08:50 PM

This is definitely my style; love it all!

Collectible or Complete Room: Scrub Table = Organic Modern Dining Room
6/28/13 04:07 AM

Truenic, I was also the oldest kid at the party a lot of times and used to be the unofficial babysitter as well--I HATED it. I was pretty mature for my age as a kid, so I was more interested in listening in on the adult conversations than playing with a bunch of 5-year-olds.

Bringing Children to the Party: The New Etiquette Dilemma
4/11/13 05:19 PM

Love love love the overall lightness and color of this place. :)

Molly & Tyler's Classic Cool Cottage House Tour
4/8/13 02:58 PM

Too bad I've yet to see the vast majority of the stuff in those pictures in an actual HomeGoods store. That said, I have bought a few pretty cool things from there in the past...I just find that the good stuff's few and far between.

Discover the Design Happy Blog from HomeGoods
4/1/13 01:38 PM

A perfect house made even more perfect by the Drew Brees decal. :)

Kristy's Tropical Tudor House Tour
2/27/13 07:23 PM

Love that desk, one of these days I'm finally going to buy it! Beautiful space.

Irene's Bright and Happy Home Office Workspace Tour
1/20/13 01:44 PM

That kitchen is perfect and I need that little dog in my life--what a cutie!

Ross's Cozy Modern Home in Midtown House Tour
1/19/13 01:13 PM

Love it, love it, love it. The house itself has great bones and you guys expanded on that quite nicely. I've seen those Cat Studio pillows with other cities before and they're awesome. One day the New Orleans one will be mine. :)

Nick & Jason's Preppy Meets Kitschy Home House Tour
1/13/13 12:45 PM

Having grown up in New Orleans, I can totally relate, emel3srk. And I completely agree.

Before & After: Greenline's Urban Garden The Gardenist
1/10/13 06:37 PM

Love the Mick shirt! :D

Christine's Traditional N'East Style Abode House Tour
12/12/12 11:21 PM

Love Gaga, haters gon' hate. :P

10 Useful Holiday Tips From Lady Gaga's Workshop
11/22/11 08:12 PM

In the middle of such a bustling city, this place feels so homey!

Doryn's Glamorous Return to the City
House Tour

11/2/11 11:52 PM

Very beautiful and tranquil. The view--I die (in Rachel Zoe's words).

Sabrina Soto's Penthouse Pops with Color
House Tour

10/19/11 10:07 PM

So pretty!

Phillip & Claire's Silk Factory Loft in London
House Call

10/17/11 03:15 PM

Like some have said, I would just kind of feel it out. When I was younger, my family looked at a house wherein the wife had died (I think possibly suicide as well, actually) but I never felt anything strange about the house when I was walking through. However, my mom's friend and her family rented a house for a while and it had the same sort of history--wife committed suicide. My mom's friend swore it was haunted (she was a pastor's wife, hadn't really ever believed in that sort of thing before) and that house definitely had creepy vibes to it. Who knows whether or not you'll hear anything go bump in the night, I think you mainly just need to feel comfortable in it.

Would You Buy a House with a Dark History?
Good Questions

9/10/11 01:21 PM

Omg! Someone else that's got Indian/Scandinavian influences besides me. :) Can't wait for some inspiration.

Alex Fulton's Flirtatious Use of Crazy Color
House Tour

8/28/11 06:47 PM