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Would this be safe to reheat in a microwave? The cornbread would not act like a cork, and thus blow, when reheated, would it?

If it's safe then I might be able to take this to work as a x-mas treat...

Chili and Cornbread: A Cool-Weather Meal in a Jar
11/2/10 10:51 PM

Any one-handed suggestions for meatloaf?

Quick Tip: Keep One Hand Meat-Free!
11/2/10 10:35 PM

So I've made this recipe twice now: the first time I divided the ingredients since I only had 4 eggs around, and a second time just now with the full list of ingredients.

Is the batter supposed to be smooth like the pictures above? I bought a sifter but it's a piece of junk. My batter (both times) turned out lumpier than the pictures above, but I didn't want to 'over work' the batter as the instructions above warn.

The first batch seemed to turn out ok; they tasted fine. I haven't tasted this second batch yet, but as the madeleines were were baking something was foaming all around the edges; I'm guessing the egg whites were separating from the batter...?

I guess my second question would be how gentle do I really need to be when mixing everything together? Could I use a mixer for all the steps?

I bought a good madeleine pan, so I'm determined to make excellent madeleines.

How To Make French Madeleines
10/29/10 02:39 AM

Can you keep a terrarium sealed/corked at all times, or does the moss/plant need air and thus need to be open at all times?

Twig: Tiny Terrariums with Personality
9/10/10 11:24 PM