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who would want to sleep in the closet people!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #4: Frances' Sunny SF Studio
4/11/08 12:50 PM

great post - we love how to's!

The Knockout and the Knockoff
5/26/07 09:42 AM

Is that a popcorn ceiling ?

Good Question: Should they paint the cabinets white?
5/25/07 02:36 PM

No do not paint them white. As you can see the cabinets granite and flooring were all picked to coordinate. However I'm not sure why they picked white appliances those stick out like a sore thumb. I see that you don't like the kitchen but to me it seems like you would decrease the value of the condo by changing that . I would just update the appliances to the stainless variety. I personally love a white modern look but I just can't see ripping all of that out if you are only going to be there a short time.

Good Question: Should they paint the cabinets white?
5/25/07 10:33 AM

It would be cool if they made a recycling container out of recycled goods. . . just a thought

2-Bin Recycle Center
5/25/07 10:11 AM

is this an ebay item?

Hot or Not?
5/24/07 11:06 AM

Um this looks like my apartment building. . . are you my nieghbor

Good Questions: Mounting a Flowerbox on a Crazy Sill
5/24/07 11:01 AM

One that goes from the wall to the fridge - Ikea has some good options.

Good Questions: Open kitchen in search of of functional makeover
5/24/07 10:58 AM

Get a larger Island/ Work table that you can use as a dining table, counter space, desk and has storage underneath. The table you have now is not really in proportion. It will help define the two spaces.

Good Questions: Open kitchen in search of of functional makeover
5/24/07 10:57 AM

I like most of this house tour - Im not really partial to the bed frame.

However in this industry you need to appreciate all types of design styles and remember that everyone has different taste. Uri's interests and personality are reflected in a asthetically pleasing and functional way.

So Although everyone would not like to personally live here - you can't deny that is a successfull space.

Inside Out: Uri Stays Monochrome
5/4/07 12:39 PM

Not a good issue this month . . . dissapointed Blue Print was actually better.

Blogging Domino: 05.07 - Viennese Revival
5/4/07 11:25 AM

House Tour Please

#25 Keith's home-Suite-Home
5/4/07 11:08 AM

I dont like the idea of hiding beds in small spaces. It makes it seem like you are not content with your apartment. I have a studio and I keep the bed out in the open. Some of my other friends with studios hide the bed and it looks cramped and akward.

Also I like the fact that you have stuff - I don't understand why people want you to hide things or put them away. Its good to have things that visually entertain and inspire you. When I go over someones house for the first time I love to look around especially books, art and trinkets - you can tell a lot about a person and thier intrests.

#22 Jenny Ben's Tiny RAD PAD!
5/3/07 09:04 AM

um ok the first issue sucked - too martha - they are trying to get a little more domino though. This is the first issue I actually thought was worth buying.

AT Surveys: Blueprint Magazine - 1 Year Review
5/1/07 08:15 AM

can I come over

#14 Jeramy's Thrifty Digs
4/28/07 09:31 AM

I think this entry doesnt fit the contest. Its easy to design a space when your a homeowner and you have the funds and resources. Apartment Therapy to me is about the innovativeness of those of us who rent who are limited by budget and what our land loard will or won't let us do. Being someone who is in the Design industry myself I find the creativeness and personal style of people who have to create with limited resources highly more interesting and profound. Why do entries like these get posted?

#9 Kelly Gregory’s - Lil’ Italy Conversion
4/21/07 07:17 PM

Holy Barbarella

#1 - Phillip's Pad with a View
4/11/07 02:59 PM

Thank you no its definately not the March Hare! You can message me on my site for the info on the print.

Flickr Finds: Cinnamon Toast's Phone Nook
4/9/07 02:15 PM