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These look so fantastic! I'm pinning them to Pinterest so I'll remember to give them a try soon.

Fabulous Appetizer: Pancetta-Wrapped Cauliflower Bites
The Meaning of Pie

6/24/11 07:05 PM

Sort of. We went to Napa for the first half of our honeymoon just for the food and wine, relaxing was great but it wasn't the main reason. It was a fantastic vacation too! But we're both big foodies, so food is usually a central part of any travels, even if we're there for another reason.

Oh! I went to BlogHer Food in Atlanta just for the food writing conference - does that count? : )

Here To Eat: Ever Visited a City Just for the Food?
6/7/11 06:36 PM

I recently saw this fresh fruit chocolate bar on Pinterest and thought it was a cool new idea:

Creative Ideas for Chocolate-Dipped Fruit?
Good Questions

4/25/11 09:52 PM

We buy bottled water from time to time still, but at home we have a filter pitcher. I will not drink unfiltered tap water here, we call it tea because it's that bad.

Survey: Do You Still Buy Bottled Water?
3/22/11 03:09 PM

I buy the latch jars from Ikea for our pastas, they're so cheap and they come in several sizes. TJ Maxx/Home Goods will often carry various sizes of latch jars too. Rubbermaid tubs can be useful for some stuff in bulk too, we buy bulk dog food and put it in a big (50?) gallon tub with latching sides. If you have the space, store some stuff on top of your fridge too, that's where our wine and liquor goes.

Storing and Organizing Bulk Foods in a Small Kitchen?
Good Questions

2/22/11 04:01 PM

How funny your timing is! Just the other day I talked about being newlyweds with food differences or stubborn opinions on the way classic food dishes should be prepared. Mu husband and I have been working on compromising a lot of our food habits lately. Garlic is one - he loves a ton and I'm more a moderate person, so we meet in the middle. I don't eat steak, so some nights we'll do a his & hers night. He gets a steak, I get a piece of nice fish or something and we make a side or 2 to share. I blogged about this too:

What Do You Do When Taste Buds Clash?
2/22/11 03:43 PM

We make spicy ranch. Blend some canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce with ranch. Or just mix in chili powder, paprika and chipotle seasoning. We also do this with sour cream. Thin the sour cream out with a little water and mix in the spice option for a great taco or nacho sauce/dip.

Good Salad Dressing for Southwest-Style Salads?
Good Questions

1/27/11 11:22 AM

To the poster looking for a chalk alternative - we bought white board paint (it comes in various colors too). We painted a small Ikea table top with it and now we use it on our patio as a game table with dry erase markers.

How To Make Custom Color Chalkboard Paint
Martha Stewart

1/23/11 03:33 PM

We used a gift card to buy matching new utensils, a splatter screen and a Silpat baking mat all for under $100. They store really well too.

Help Me Spend $100 at Williams-Sonoma!
Good Questions

1/14/11 03:54 PM

I like this idea a lot! I may not make the cut candle holders, but it's so simple to use whole apples in other ways like you suggested. I'm not a big orange fan anyhow, so I've been craving other fall decor ideas, thanks!

Forget Pumpkins — Decorate With Apples Instead
10/8/10 07:25 PM

The cake does look pretty, but I agree it would be tough to bake, used a couple times a year at best, and ridiculous to clean. Not worth the money at all.

Cornucopia Bundt Pan from Williams-Sonoma
10/7/10 02:06 PM

I really love the simplicity of the leaves in those vases!

Thinking Outside the Gourd: Alternative Autumn Tables
Garden Party

10/6/10 02:51 PM

I really like this idea, thanks!

8 Places To Use Color That Normally Get Overlooked
10/4/10 07:55 PM

I'm a big lover of holidays! I decorate mainly for Christmas, fall season/Thanksgiving, and Halloween. I do little things for other holidays: New Year's, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and 4th of July. I decorate for seasons though, mainly color wise.

So with all this, I have a big collection of holiday decor, although I wouldn't say it's over abundant or hoarder-like. The only exception, my husband says, is wrapping paper. I buy it up right after Christmas when it's cheap (and I try to buy generic colors for birthdays), but I always seem to have a lot.

Do You Collect Holiday Decorations?
9/21/10 08:09 PM

@Ragazza1016 - I completely agree. I used to cite Reisling as my hands down favorite (and I still am a fan of Relax! Try their cool red too!). But now I'm switching to more of a red wine fan. I still like Reisling but I think it works best when paired correctly. I can't sit down and just have a glass anymore like I can with a Cab or Pinot Grigio.

Who Loves German Riesling Wines?
9/17/10 11:48 AM

Oh goodness I am in love with this! I want an OCD kitchen too!

A Martha Stewart Staffer's Colorful, Very Organized Kitchen
9/3/10 09:25 PM

Kudos to you for having the guts to do something I never really could! I mean, I got rid of a childhood keychain collection and some old magnets, but I could never let go of some other collections.

Regrets, I've Had a Few: Getting Rid of a Collection
9/3/10 09:22 PM

@jm0421 - I would LOVE to collect cookbooks from everywhere I go! But my husband says I have too many and need to actually cook from all the ones I currently have first.

What's the Weirdest Thing You Collect?
9/3/10 11:22 AM

I'm really happy you all have been posting about collections lately. I have so much collected stuff that I really want to do something with other than store in a box. Now I think I might mount all my movie ticket stubs on a matte and frame them.

Beautiful Ways to Display Collections at Home
Inspiration Roundup

9/2/10 05:24 PM

My favorite collection is movie ticket stubs. I have them from when I saw my first movie at 5 years old, and you can barely read half of them now. I'm also a classic pin collector. I did shot glasses for a while, but then I'd forget on trips as I got older. So I get them now and then, but it's not much of a collection. My husband swears I collect office supplies, post-its in particular.

What's the Weirdest Thing You Collect?
9/2/10 05:19 PM