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Masoor dal in a pressure cooker takes less than 15 minutes to cook from a cold start to finish. I am confused why you are saying dal is difficult and takes a lot of prep? Traditional dal does NOT have a lot of ingredients. Those are some strange looking pictures of dal. You can get away with basically nothing- pressure cook the dal with some turmeric for color, and then when it's finished toast some spices in butter (I use mustard seed, cumin seeds, ground coriander, mango powder). Stir that in, add lemon juice and salt to taste. Put in garam masala if you like (AFTER the dal is already cooked please!). And you're done. This is literally the easiest dinner I know how to make.

Quick Weeknight Meal: Make-Ahead Indian Dahl
9/2/10 02:55 PM

Ummm... if you want to use an IR remote for home automation, you need to point it at the things you are trying to control? Wouldn't this have limited usefulness?

Simple Home Automation with Logitech's Harmony One
8/24/10 01:40 AM