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Bravo. In a season of waste, this is a breath of fresh air. Thanks for going there!

Recycled Christmas Flair

12/6/10 12:25 AM

Do not, I repeat, do NOT let children get to bag of cranberries. They will think they are marbles, especially if you use them as table decorations....and children using cranberries as pea shooters does not for a formal holiday dinner make. :-\

Merry Making: Nearly-No-Cost Holiday Decorations
12/5/10 11:38 PM

Note: when repurposing your coffee table as an impromptu tree stand, make sure said coffee table does not also do double duty for all the electronic equipment (Wii, receiver, PS3, etc.) OR make sure that the tree is a fake. Because leaky tree stands + expensive electronics = sad husband for Christmas.

5 Tips for Creating Space for a Big Tree in a Small Home
12/5/10 11:36 PM

Love your ideas. I think I would like to see more pops of color to offset the bright white, which seems to overwhelm the space. Having said that though, it is still dramatically improved!!

Before & After: Melissa's Under $500 Kitchen Makeover
Good Questions Revisited

11/13/10 11:23 PM

The yellow is so sunny. Are the colors historically accurate for the home? We have a 1905 foursquare, all brick - so no exterior painting, but I am trying to be period inside.

Before & After: Karen's Historic Home Color Makeover
Good Question Revisited

11/9/10 05:21 PM

You are so brave! Some of the colors are VERY bold and yet they work. I am particularly in love with the subway tile work in the kitchen and the electic pairing of old and new - apron front sink with a modern grey counter - AWESOME. Thank you for sharing!

Terri and Evan's Blue Velvet Home
House Tour

11/6/10 02:58 PM

I loved the resource on dining room chairs. Aico is my favorite for traditional style dining room chairs. It would be nice to see a feature on pairing tables with chairs. What would go with heavily carved legs w/ korbels? (sp?)

Dining Chairs, Dishes, & Dinner Party Supplies
Weekend Shopper's Guide

11/6/10 02:55 PM

I don't know. This red makes me feel a little anxious. Anybody else?

Red Rooms & Red Stairs!
Room for Color Roundup

10/26/10 10:42 PM

omigosh the wall color is breathtaking. We are renovating a 1905 denver foursquare and I am so tempted to steal this color for my living room. Stay tuned...

Anthony & Gregory's 1912 Contemporary Craftsman
House Tour

10/26/10 10:38 PM

LOL - Dulcibella. On first glance, that is what I thought it was too. Sorry to Native American gods....turkeys and headdresses look too similar.

Love the wallpaper. It IS wallpaper, isn't it?

Elinor & Andrew’s Vertical Kind of Blue
House Tour

10/16/10 05:02 PM

I'm painting my kitchen brick red, and I was toying with the idea of painting the legs on the farm table I am using as an island turquoise. Whaddya think?

Color Combo: Turquoise, Red, and White
10/16/10 05:00 PM

When compared to framing your artwork, it can be pretty comparable, only this isn't as easy to change out.

Turn Your Images Into Wallpaper
10/12/10 03:31 PM

The avocado kitchen looked unsettlingly familiar. It was just missing a shag carpet. The pink kitchen was very cute, though I would never do it. The yellow 'golden harvest' kitchen was fabulous - that color rocks with eggplant.

Harvest Gold & Olive Green: New Kitchens in Old Colors
10/8/10 09:45 AM

Oh I saw a dresser just like this one at an estate sale last month. Too bad I didn't have the vision to grab and repurpose it!

Carlos Castaneda: Vintage Lighting & Antique Hardware Restoration
10/7/10 05:29 PM

We have a hard time because of lack of space and short people (kids). We have used fabric boxes to catch kid shoes and lower hooks to hang jackets and backpacks.

6 Components to a Well-Functioning Landing Strip
9/15/10 06:44 PM