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I just simply tell them that I'm vegetarian because I like it, smile, then walk away.

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2/9/11 09:19 PM

House Plants! Large House plants and lots of them to make you feel like you live in a tropical jungle! That is luxury for me!

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2/1/11 08:22 AM

Awesome!! Can't wait to try the plantain chips!!

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1/16/11 10:39 PM

I just downsized from a 744 sq ft two bedroom to a studio that is just under 400 sq ft. I love my tiny studio much better than my big downtown apartment. I'm still purging and am shocked at how fast you acquire stuff. It's getting over the sentimental part that is hard. Don't regret it though. So many live in more space than is necessary. Living small is great! It's easier to clean!

Re-Nest On... Going Small
8/29/10 11:10 PM

Omaha, Nebraska:

Downtown: $745 + Utilities +parking($75) for a 740 sq ft 2b, 1 ba apartment with a great view. (Still don't know why parking in downtown O is so expensive!)

Dundee area: Cute Victorian home turned into apartments

$300 all Utilities paid 400sqft studio with free parking. You just can't beat that!

Sadly, I'll be moving to Texas and don't think I'll find a deal as good as this one in San Antonio.

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8/22/10 11:12 PM