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DUDE! My parents HAVE that print of the sea oats that's hanging above that gorgeous couch!

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3/7/12 12:39 PM

I love absolutely everything about this place. The warm color is so vibrant but perfectly balanced by the cool white walls. And the architecture itself is straight out of my fantasy home. Thanks for sharing, Erin!!

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2/24/11 08:08 AM

Ring slings are the best! I love my Little Hipster, and so does my daughter. It's fast to put on, the pocket is super convenient, and I love the lightweight organic fabric. I can wear her all summer long (in Florida!) without breaking a sweat. I've tried just about every carrier and this is by far the most comfortable and the easiest to use.

Baby Carriers

9/22/10 11:57 PM

I agree that a bright yellow would be really striking, as a contrast in both the color and the style of the house. But, the best idea is to print out a picture and play with some color chips!

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9/22/10 08:57 AM

We own a 3 bedroom (1,500 sq ft) home for $1095 a month (including taxes) in Saint Augustine, Florida. It's close to down town in a desirable neighborhood, so we pay a little more. And the older homes like ours are a little smaller. Still -- we feel like it's a steal compared to where we moved here from: Cole Valley in San Francisco, where our 1 bedroom was $2050/month. We miss the city but the slower pace here suits us :) and Saint Augustine has a lot of charm and some quirky culture to offer.

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8/21/10 11:18 PM