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I like the overgrown jungle idea - and tree ferns & c

But also like the idea of a japanese-style garden: use few plants, and either gravel or moss & rocks... make the space intimate rather than small.

Can I Fulfill My Backyard Inspiration?
Good Questions

3/19/12 08:25 PM

But dont call it Easter (or Christmas) - call it being a pedantic pagan or summat.

I do actually know, as most people should, that stuff about christian cooption of some pagan festivals. & thats why there are rabbits all over easter. I am saying, however, that calling it Easter, with its now widely accepted christian overtones, and then saying heres even more sugar, seems odd. Growing plants is a miracle. Getting lollies from the Easter bunny is part of Easter, mixing the two is what you're complaining the early christians did, and seems less magic than either.

Magic Jelly Beans for Easter See Jane Blog
3/18/12 09:07 PM

The comments on clear glass shower screens are funny.

Here in Oz they are the norm - have been since my grandparents' day - to have a shower curtain is almost slummy - when we lived in the US & had to have them, it was really hard coping with something that dripped, wrapped itself around us & everything, and couldnt be scrubbed down each week. Yes, you can throw out old shower curtains, but it's not that green to do so.

Today's Remodeling Choices: Overblown Trends or New Classics? Renovation Topics
3/18/12 08:56 PM

Have an alarming collection of Living etc - I cant tear out what I want bc there are too many bits...

The Times Literary Supplement is kept for a couple of months then passed on or recycled...

The Matter of Magazines: Keep or Toss?
3/18/12 08:41 PM

I already have green walls - I cant live without green.

That bathroom...

St. Patrick's Day Color Inspiration: Green & Gold
3/15/12 08:15 PM

I, also, remember hearing & reading as a child about peacock feathers being bad luck (It is mentioned in Gerald Durrell's My Family & Other Animals) - I wonder if it was English at some point? It was the eye that was meant to be bad...

& just bc you think superstition is silly, doesnt mean that the superstition didnt exist.

Fine Feathers: A Brief History of the Peacock as Decoration

3/15/12 08:09 PM

We just put tape over it - no need to be available like that...

4 Useful Ways to Use the Web Cam Beyond Video Chat
3/15/12 07:53 PM

cute - but whatever does it have to do with Easter?

I am not a practicing christian, but I find this a bit ridiculous as an Easter activity - it's just lollies, even if they grow - couldnt this be a first day of spring or may day activity instead?

Magic Jelly Beans for Easter See Jane Blog
3/15/12 07:49 PM

Stephanie Alexander's the cook's companion

Emily's 5 Essential Cookbooks
2/28/12 07:44 PM

Sibella Court's Etcetera & Conran's great original book whose name eludes me...

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2/28/12 07:04 PM


Take a LEAP: Eco-Friendly Alpine Pods
2/27/12 07:09 PM

waitress, fiddle

& another request for editing ability...

Before & After: Two-Liter Artistry Eric Barclay
2/27/12 06:53 PM

Cute, but given how many whatever litre bottles of toxic sludge (as the dear waitree at Moosewood restaurant once called it to a friend) people seem to go through, you'd have a whole zoo/circus in no time - and then what?

Before & After: Two-Liter Artistry Eric Barclay
2/27/12 06:52 PM

Surely the answer, as to almost everything is neither one nor the other?

If you bought a whole pile of globes in a job lot bc you wanted to look trendy, it is a trend. If you like & collect them, or have them with stories attached, they're timeless - the world isn't black & white, unless you have one of those monochrome globes...

Vintage Globe Decor: Trend or Timeless?
2/16/12 08:03 PM

It is lovely, but it does mean the boxes can only be one thing - what happens when a cardboard rocket or pirate ship is needed?

Inspiring DIY Cardboard Playhouse Makedo
2/9/12 07:39 PM

OOOooooooo Virginia Woolf print...

Natalie's Beach-Girl-Meets-Book-Nerd Nest
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2/7/12 07:48 PM

they sleep, not live, in their bed spaces...

sorry, but really...

Loft with a View: Small Style At Its Best
The Diversion Project

2/7/12 07:35 PM

I feel it's less say nothing if it's not nice than if you have a query about the paint dont be so rude - ask whether that is the toxic paint or whether the tape lines were intended or faded after a while - it's how you say these things - and sometimes I feel people are a bit over the top - it's not like AT are forcing us all to do that to our floor coverings...

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2/7/12 07:22 PM

If I gave my husband #1 he'd ask for a bucket to throw up in...

Put it in Writing: 5 Graphic Posters for Valentines Day
2/6/12 08:20 PM

beautiful - covetable...

Petite Friture's Francis Water Color Mirrors
2/5/12 07:20 PM