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Julia Child definitely used this trick in her TV episode about making croissants!

Use a Heating Pad for a Quicker Bread Dough Rise

2/16/12 02:16 PM

Doesn't the Maximus from do this already?

Razer Switchblade Hints at Gamers' Dreams Come True
CES 2011

1/9/11 12:43 AM

what is the screensaver? lol

The MacBook Pro + Mac Mini Home Office Combination
9/14/10 01:58 AM

What's the pattern in the carpet of the first image called? I've been dying to find that since I saw the Madonna Give It 2 Me music video!

Masculine & Moody Home Offices
9/3/10 12:08 AM

marbled it inside...omg so good. The only thing I suggest is that you make sure your parchment paper is safe at 450! Reynolds is only tested to 420...I was a little scared it was going to light up my oven. Haha

Thanks for the great recipe!

How To Wing It: Homemade Bread
8/21/10 10:34 AM

This recipe worked so well and is soo simple! 5hird time around I made a thick cinnamon sugar syrup and

How To Wing It: Homemade Bread
8/21/10 10:32 AM