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Good article! I find that hitting up garage sales and thrift stores can be a fun way to satisfy #5 as well. Just be sure you have your wants list at the forefront of your mind so you're not bringing an item home simply because it was so reasonably priced or you'll be selling it at your own garage sale or donating it back to thrift.
Also, I've found that if I can press a new item into use the minute I get home (or within the week), it's a worthwhile purchase. If it sits in the bag for a week or more, I obviously don't really need it.

How To Cut Down on Impulse Purchases, Save Money, and Buy Things You Really Like
7/22/14 12:31 PM

I wish I had as many plants as you do! Your railings look pretty wide, but if you could find railing plant boxes and some ways to hang your plants it would free up some floor space for more seating, table, whatever you might want?

What's Your Dream Outdoor Space? Research & Plan! Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
5/26/14 09:55 AM

There's so much that is fun here, but that mouse door knocks it outta the park!

WORK Lab's Vintage Eclectic Workspace Workspace Tour
5/13/14 03:46 PM

Way to go, jencap1!
I like the idea of providing basic services, but making the kids put their own hard-earned money up for anything more. My 2 kids are not teens yet, do not have any screens in their shared room—screen time takes place in the living room with mom or dad nearby. Honestly, they know if they see something inappropriate and self-regulate really well.

Is Your Teen's Room A Screen-Free Space?
4/28/14 06:34 PM

SO... is the coffee house washing and sanitizing these cups or is the DO School? I guess it might be a stop gap between getting a paper cup and bringing in your own re-useable cup? Further, here's an idea: ALL coffee houses should charge more $ for the privilege of buying something that will be tossed in the trash within the hour. Some folks will be prompted to get it together to bring their own cup or pay for the recyclable option if offered.

Reusable Shared Coffee Cup Program Launches in Brooklyn Design News
4/28/14 06:11 PM

Simple changes, but wow result! Definitely inspired me: I am painting the back of my sons' bookshelves matte black as soon as I can get the paint to do it!

Before & After: Rubina's Sophisticated Mini Library Makeover
4/24/14 12:44 PM

Motsenbocker's Lift Off 5 Latex Based Paint Remover. Biodegradable and water-based. I've used it to get paint drops or smudges off of my wooden floors, slate tile floors, denim jeans, poly-cotton dress, t-shirt.... it has worked for me. You may want to test your surface, though, as with any chemical type of application. I believe I purchased it at a big box store, but amazon probably sells it, too.

What Is the Best Way to Remove Dried Paint Splatters?
4/17/14 01:40 PM

Another Peeps ingredient is tiny shreds of KEEP CALM posters, but I may have just heard that somewhere?

5 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Peeps
4/16/14 08:21 PM

Great article, beautiful home and cheers to you for "good enough" !
As a mom of a now 9 and 12 year old, I just can't stress enough how quickly the time flies and how happy you will be remembering moments spent with your little ones—they will not remember the dishes in the sink or undone housework...and neither will you! I always chose hitting the playground with my boys over mopping the floor with no regrets.

My Small Home: Lauren's Small Space Solutions
4/16/14 11:20 AM

My 9 year old son digs that brass/gold lamp with the black shade in the first photo. I think he has excellent taste— anyone have a source? Thanks!

Pull It Off: 5 Ways to Create More Harmony in Double-Duty Rooms
4/6/14 09:02 PM

Tons of great ideas here! Just want to say that chairs and sofa are beautiful and that I hope you'll post a picture or two after you've made changes. Love me a good Before & After. have fun!

Design Ideas for Bare Bones Living Room? Good Questions
3/25/14 06:10 PM

I second the reco for Mr. Money Mustache.
As someone who was DEEP in debt and is on the verge of coming out of 5 years of serious struggle:
know thyself. focus on what is important. experiences not stuff. make a goal and stick to it. you can do this!

Basics of a Household Budget that Works Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/17/14 11:58 PM

I think the points in the article are excellent, compounded by the suggestions in the comments! I love reading what has worked (or not) for others. Real world experience trumps beautiful pictures. Speaking of the pictures, I agree with a couple other comments that the 2 photos chosen are not illustrating the concept well. I find neither image cozy in the least. Choosing rooms with good furniture arrangement AND maybe warmer color palettes or with candles aglow would lend a cozier, comfier, more vibrant living room feel, IMO.

Break the Ice: 8 Tips for Creating a Chattier, Cozier, Comfier Living Room
3/16/14 04:47 PM

Sorry, can someone explain this one: Home improvement records (keep for at least three years after you sell your house). After I sell my house, why would I need these records? Wouldn't the records be of more use to the new owner?

Drowning in Paper? What to Keep, What to Toss, What to Digitize Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/11/14 10:35 AM

you can do it, shiver! you may lack the architecture bones, but quite a few of the elements in the photos above are furniture or accessories that fit the style profile.

10 Tell-Tale Signs Your Home Style is:

3/10/14 04:22 PM

Gorgeous outcome and kudos to you for sticking with it! That piece could easily work in other rooms rather than just a bedroom, so you've really extended it's life beautifully. I would never have looked at that dresser and imagined your treatment of it, but even if I had I'm not sure I would've had the confidence to try to make it happen! Victory won, Erin!

Before & After: Erin's Inherited Dresser
3/4/14 11:25 AM

3 year old polyester shower curtain from Aldi still going strong. Not gorgeous, but not ugly either, machine washable and you cannot beat the price!

Alternatives to Vinyl Shower Curtain Liners (and a Water-Repelling Tip)
2/16/14 08:59 AM

^WELL put, BerardiCM^ I have struggled to feed my kids from time to time and until you've experienced it from the providing or receiving end, you cannot understand the gratitude that one feels having made it through as best they can.

How Lesley Cooper Fed Her Family for Less Than $2 a Day
2/7/14 12:05 PM

Looking good! Source for the rug, por favor? I need that in my bedroom! thanks!

Kim's Cure: The Bathroom Reveal & Finishing Touches Liveblogging the January Cure
1/30/14 03:10 PM

money well spent. cheers!

A Little Lesson on Knowing When To Splurge on Kids Decor
1/22/14 04:40 PM