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If not NYC, then Minneapolis.

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3/17/09 08:16 PM

wow! it's so weird I was just talking to a friend about this last week. i go on all the time about the beautiful art direction in the Adrian Lyne movies (9 1/2 weeks, Flashdance, Fatal Attraction, Unfaithful). If you can handle the schlock factor, it's fun to watch them all together and marvel at the wonderful choices in interiors and wardrobe. I'm not at all embarassed to say that these films have shaped my personal style both in decorating my living spaces to how I dress. Not to mention my relationships! HA HA! joke. Anyway, was thrilled to see this post!

Apartment Therapy New York | ColorTherapy in Film: 9 1/2 Weeks
2/5/08 09:00 AM

Hi Neighbors! I live across the street (you can see my window in the birdfeeder pic--so be nice!) and am also waiting for your birds to come (they will)! my downstairs neighbor recently asked me to remove my birdfeeder because she said the birds were waking her up. yep, amidst the cacophany of garbage trucks on our street, the birds are the problem.

i've also used a sound machine and think the general white noise setting works best because I agree the "nature" ones are variable, and are probably more for wakeful relaxation than sleeping. A good non-thundering rainstorm sound works well too..

nice work! you've been an inspiration and I've since started my own home transformation after a year in my apt. There's so much trial and error! Thank goodness for craigslist!


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1/30/08 09:44 AM